Abundant Mindset

It’s too easy to cry into your soup about what isn’t.

This isn’t right or that isn’t the way I want.

But this mindset is repelling to anyone who might be thinking of contributing to your abundance… so, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Take a sales person who is desperate for their monthly budget. They’ll go out and try to get business. If their job is on the line, and if their job is gone then they can’t pay the mortgage, then you might sniff a whiff of desperation in that salesperson’s tone. Maybe they even went out on the grog last night or skipped their morning exercise because they are so worried about their sales figures. Maybe they got grumpy with their partner or colleagues, critical and mean to their kids. This is desperation. Minimal mindset.

Now imagine a person who is doing well in their sales but wants more. They’ll go out and try to get business. Given that their job isn’t on the line and therefore they don’t have worries about mortgage payments they can relax a bit and enjoy the evening feeling rewarded for the day without grog to kill the pain of it. They’re inspired by the day they just had… looking back on the day they’re inspired by what they did and they stuck to their routine of exercise and mental, personal and spiritual health. This is abundant thinking, abundance mindset.

Who will you buy from?

Well, that depends. If you are desperate to buy what they sell, the desperate salesperson might present a deal that’s too good to be true and you’ll go there.

Like attracts like. Sadly the desperate sales person attracts the most troublesome business deals too.

All this so far is pretty logical. But what if there’s a way to have an abundant mindset even when the world is not exactly the way you want it? What if we could show that first sales person a way to approach the day with abundance even when circumstances aren’t in their favour? Then, they’d stay off the grog, treat themselves with routine, be kind to their family and probably attract more business…

This is the gift of the abundant mindset. The approach to life you learn through the power hour. How to stay abundant irrespective of whether you’re facing a firing squad or sitting on a luxury yacht in the Med.

Try it. Go to a party and stand in the corner thinking about what’s wrong with people and your life. Just think it. See who approaches. Are they rescuers? “hi, I saw you over here by yourself and thought you looked lonely” or are they inspired “hi, I saw you and I understand from Pete that you love cooking.” … try it… people know what you think long before you speak.

An abundant mindset shines in your eyes.

If you have a job that requires lots of detail, deep thinking, controlled focus, logic, rationality, a critical eye to perfection, there’s a huge chance that you’ll switch on the minimal mindset to get that work done and not turn it off when the job is done. You can become habitually critical and minimal in your mindset. This would turn you into that guy whose sales are down even when they are not.

If you come home with the minimal mindset you’ll be your own worst enemy. So, if you do have a job that requires that you do a lot of number crunching, sales, consulting studies, analysis, performance improvement, budgeting, cost reduction, baby care, house management, driving, meetings, negotiations and money management, you may just be developing the minimal mindset muscle and ignoring the abundance… and that’s like over exercising your biceps and forgetting your triceps.  It’s going to bend you out of shape.

Exercising, switching, engaging, turning on the abundant mindset three or four times a day is an essential balancing act.

How do you do it? The Abundant Mindset…

  1. Create a vision, inspiration and purpose statement that sings and worship it like it’s the last sheet of toilet paper.
  2. Have 5 options for a career (job offers)
  3. Get a life outside of work, mortgage payments (money making) and family
  4. Love your work … make it inspirational … but don’t change jobs
  5. Look for people in other countries who are worse off than you and give a bit even if you don’t have much.
  6. Get a mentor -life coach who see’s the magic, believes in abundance and who has your back with inspiration and love (self promotion here)
  7. Admit when you’re struggling – don’t bulldoze your way through it
  8. Switch four times a day to check your mindset by looking up at the sky… there’s more to this (Walkachi) but this is a blog and I need to be brief.

If you’ve got any thoughts or comments … love to hear – see below



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