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I believe that people get off track, lose their sense of purpose, feel unfulfilled or frustrated in business or personal matters because their life is somehow out of balance.

Back in 1996 I wrote a book about the phases of life change which was heralded as a breakthrough in understanding human behaviour and has since become the foundation for change in millions of entrepreneurial lives around the world.

Now I’ve taken this thinking and reinterpreted it to create the fastest and most accurate one on one support system for my clients. Based on my 35+ years of guiding people this process is truly fantastic.

I’ve done this by distilling the most accurate understanding of what makes people tick, what inspires us and how to get past emotional blocks.

I’ve even evolved these elements so you can teach others, help friends and work mates to get Back on Track after things go wrong.

So, my clients, who range from street performers to CEO’s and rock stars, fill out the VIP form every single day of their lives. It measures two things.

  1. Am I being honest with myself?
  2. Is my life inspiring to me?

Try it for yourself right now….

Step 1. Being Honest about where you are at personally…

The key element personal honesty is that it’s no shame to admit that you’re not doing well in all areas of life. Yes, maybe things at home are great but work isn’t or visa versa. Maybe your health and therefore self esteem isn’t on a high but your career or family is great. Step one is to take the struggle with one area or two out of the VAULT… to bring it up and, without messing with everything that’s going ok, sort things out, calmly and quietly without a big fuss.

The key here is to remember that stuff never happens in small chunks. When something isn’t right in our lives, and we don’t deal with it, it festers, can become toxic and throw the whole gamut of our life out of synch.


Score yourself with a mark on the spokes of the VIP wheel (from 1 – 10) Where 10 is on the outer rim of the wheel being blissfully happy and content and 1 is at the very centre at the axle, being suicidally depressed.

Then join the dots on each spoke and fill in the area it covers. How would this look?

Your  total ‘VIP’ score would be the sum of all your seven scores revealing a maximum of 70 which would make you either a Saint or totally full of BS.

What’s your score? Are you happy with your score?

A total VIP score below 21 or any one single area of life that’s below a three, means you would be wise to act on this with urgency. It would really be worth seeking professional support in the way of a GP, my Back on Track 30 day programme or at least the HR department of your work.

Below 21 or a single score less than three, is quite a personal drain, a challenge that can, if not dealt with quickly, lead to long term trouble. So, already we have a great result from self honesty: early intervention to prevent long term illness or trouble.

Between 21 and 35 isn’t good, your life needs attention and there’s time to act. Call it an early warning sign, or as my clients like to label it, a red flag. It can be easily dealt with using my 30 minute phone in session, the power hour process or get advice from a trusted mentor to determine the best longer term course of action to resolve the frustration. It can be anything from an attitude issue to a sign that it’s time for a change. Still the reminder that any score under three in any area needs immediate attention before it infects the rest.

VIP scores that total between 35 and 60 are cool, great, wonderful and energising… and with support from a mentor, coach or friend you trust (people who have your back) and a bit of reading online you can juggle the options and stay in tune. We know life evolves at the border of chaos and order and scores between 35 and 60 show that you are right in the pocket of nature’s process. Good work.

Anything above 60, you really need to do a vision quest or look in the mirror. Either you’re kidding yourself or you’ve become so far up yourself that complacency has set in, which leads to stagnation. Have you ever smelt stagnant water?


Step 2. Digging Up Buried Treasure – Is my Life Inspiring to Me?

The normal reaction for people in a funk is to focus solely on one or two of the elements of life. For example, if your VIP score is down below 4 or 5 in business/career, you might turn to a business coach or management consultant. Down to 3 or 4 in health you might get a personal trainer or nutritionalist. Down to 2 in spirituality you might get a book from Deepak Chopra. Down below 4 in relationship area you might listen to a podcast from Marianne Williamson, go on a romantic holiday or get counselling and so on.

The problem with this is that as one aspect grows, another shrinks. You’re unfulfilled at work so you decide to drive harder but as a result, your family and love-life suffers. Or if your finances are struggling you might start worrying about money and ignore your health. Your overall VIP score of ___ doesn’t change, it simply changes shape. Old problems may go away, new ones appear. Hence, you never get to say “wow, my life inspires me” and instead, you’re always saying “when I get x,y,z sorted, my life will be worth being inspired about, then I’ll relax.”

Have you seen this happen to anyone you know?

Growth rings demonstrate that no sooner do you think “ahhh made it. My life is awesome.” The rings expand and new problems come your way. No sooner do you get your health 100% on track and then your relationship kicks up some dust in your face.

This is where being inspired by your own life must become independent of what you are doing in your life. I love teaching the old Buddhist quote when I’m helping clients be inspired with their life…

“I need nothing, I want nothing, and therefore I have everything”

So, can we find this inspiration and still have goals and visions? The quick answer is yes, of course.

Just because you find contentment, inspiration and fulfillment on the inside doesn’t mean you don’t have goals, aspirations and visions on the outside. They can co-exist perfectly in harmony.

The unique feature of my process:


  1. You only need to spend one hour a day to keep all seven areas of life above a 6/7 VIP score.
  2. You get that inner feeling of being inspired by your own life.
  3. You become totally enabled and qualified with structure to help others which ultimately means by working on you, the world becomes a better place. You can’t give what you haven’t got. So you can help others be cool, be calm and be happy.

When it’s time for change …

Unashamed self promotion here. I have over 2,800 people world wide who live and breathe, and share this work daily. They are responsible for tens of thousands. I have their backs. That’s what I do best. For me, when I work with one person, I change the world. It’s an all of life commitment. Who’s next?


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