Do You Inspire You?

Mohammed Ali just passed. It’s sad and he was such an inspiration to so many people.

Many people just climbed Mt Everest and their stories are inspiring for some people too.

The Olympic games are coming. We’ll watch … most of us, and be inspired by those who beat the odds, especially the Paralympics.

Tv brings us inspirational people. Going to conferences gives us access to people who inspire.

But I think that’s toxic. Unless you inspire you.

What inspires you … needs to be you.

For a start – you are a living breathing miracle. Nothing uninspiring about that. You breathe, eat, digest, think. Just that alone ought to be enough to inspire you. It’s a miracle right there. Nothing to change. It already is a miracle.

But still not enough…?

What inspires you … needs to be you.

You wake up each day, and go do what you do. You don’t have to. You choose to. Think it over and over and over. It’s a miracle that you do what you do. You do it safely. You care. You are the Dalai Lama of your own life. You work – doesn’t matter what it is. You might sweep the house with a straw broom on a dirt floor or drive a limo, or sell tram tickets or fix computers or whatever. You really need to see that doing what you do is an inspirational thing.

We make life hard for ourselves by always downing what we do relative to someone else but what you are going to find is that being someone else isn’t possible. If you were someone else, lets say you were Mohamed Ali, he wouldn’t have boxed.

You are the inspiration of your life.

If you are trying to have a relationship with someone and you are trying to make them, or your kids the inspiration of your life you’re barking up the wrong tree. That sort of thing is unsustainable, abusive and results in them being compromised between living their inspiration and yours. Stop it.

You don’t have to climb Mt Everest to sit down and be inspired by you. You can think “I’m a child of the universe” – that’s cool. Or you can think “I drive and don’t crash 1,000 times a day” wow. Being an inspiration to yourself is a big key to health too.

There’s something really humble about being inspired by you. It’s like being in a state of total awe about yourself. Wow, look what I just did, “I ate a meal and didn’t choke” – but all too often we keep raising the bar in order to maintain the habit of beating ourselves up “but I could’ve eaten slower.”

Where it gets confusing is when we do the “I’m better than” in order to find inspiration in ourselves. We might say “I’m better today than I was yesterday” and that’s ladder climbing or pedestal standing… grandstanding… and it’s the perch from which we can so easily be shot.

Being inspired by you is totally retrospective never comparative. “well look where I’ve come from, wow” rather than “wow look where I’m going”

Sometimes people say “I’m thankful” but they are only thankful for what’s about to happen” that’s nice.

What’s needed is more than that. We need to be in total awe about being here. Lucky bastard or whatever. It’s truly important.

Make you the inspiration of your life.

And given the universal law of nature that nothing is ever missing, just changes in form, you can truly say “what has Ali done that I haven’t?” In this way, his life becomes a mirror for you to look at “where am I inspiring like that?” – “where do I impact the world?”

Don’t belittle yourself. You are the greatest. The greatest inspiration. Nothing to fix. Nothing to change. Get this right and you’ve found “ground zero.” The place from which great things emerge.



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