Winter Funk

As winter arrives in the Southern Hemisphere, so too does the funk. It’s the opposite up North as more sunlight and brighter weather brings with it the romance and energy of Spring and Summer.

This week I’ve worked with my regular 27 coaching clients but I’ve been inundated with people from the Southern Hemisphere seeking support for some fairly significant challenges both personal and business. I’ve also run two corporate training programmes based on self-leadership. And there’s another 15 people doing the 30 day challenge this month.

Winter is a time to sleep longer, stay warmer but most importantly, look after your immune system. It’s the time of bugs and easy infections in lungs and blood stream. So, plenty of warm soups for lunch, beef broth, miso soup, chicken soup. Just be mindful where you buy it. Heaps of cooked veggies are great too.

It’s also a time for hats and warm shoes.

For some, it’s flu injection time. I’ve never had one but last year my flu was the worst in years and I lost 2 weeks of work feeling like crap. I’m on the fence at this stage but if it happens this year I’m off it and onto the flu injection.

We keep our house fairly open in winter. Preferring to dress for warmth indoors and then close up at night. The benefits are extensive but there’s also inconvenience wearing down jackets indoors … haha.

If you do have some funk, don’t let it fester. It’ll mess with your immune system and make winter colder. I do 30 minute phone calls that can sort out most emotional funk on the spot. Stay tuned to the audio podcasts and read this blog to stay one step ahead of the curve. If you’re up to it, do the 30 day challenge, and become a regular inspired client – holding that “higher consciousness” space is a really great contribution to the world and a great way to live and work from higher purpose.

Cheers and enjoy the winter


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