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Spirituality has got a bad wrap. Even my brother, an advertising guru and entrepreneur said “avoid that word – too many triggers.” He’s right too. Just the mention of it to a corporate testosterone driven bloke sends shivers down their spine or rolls them up in convulsions of laughter with stories about some friend who ended up giving up a good job and moving to a tin shed in Byron Bay with their new poverty stricken surfing partner to do yoga.

However, I persist with the idea that REAL spirituality, the one based on nature, universal laws and life mastery has a place in the world, especially the testosterone driven blokes who laugh loudest. But they are not reading this blog, you are.

The first premise of Spirituality in Reality is that if you are interested in changing the world, start at home, start with you. If there’s a war going on inside of you, it’s a bit hypocritical to be demanding peace in the Middle East. If you’re sending sugar and toxic waste such as grain fed meat or caged chicken eggs down your throat it’s a bit farcical to be complaining about global warming and air pollution from fossil fuels… So, maybe, in the real world – in this way, spirituality in reality can make a difference. I believe so… especially at a personal level. Lets see how:

  1. Big Picture Viewpoint
  2. Turning up
  3. Balance
  4. Mind Body Health
  5. Calm
  6. Resilience
  7. Life Purpose


Big Picture Viewpoint

A robust ability to hold a vision, remain detached, lead and see the big picture in life and work. Triggers a capacity to deal with challenge at a sustainable and helpful to others way.

Turning up

The ability to come down into the smallest moment of time to arrive in the moment, in the now, so that there is a presence in work and home life that is felt as absolute focus, attention, joy, respect and concentration.


A holistic approach to life in recognising that all seven areas of life deserve a balance within them rather than a balance against each of them. An emphasis on values, priorities,  thinking  (stress management) and mental clarity.

Mind Body Health

It is hard to do good if we don’t feel good. A strong emphasis on health, mental and physical is essential for development in any field of life. Creating a healthy daily routine of exercise, diet, wellness and mental wellbeing includes biophilia, a connection with and immersion in nature.


The true meaning of calm is “intensity.” What many Western people call calm is actually sloth. A deliberate intent, a professionalism at mastering recuperation, mastering rejuvenation, a permanent sense of inner resolve all combines to create a calm interior, – humble confidence, the ability to help others without pious righteousness or nihilism.


A strengthening of stamina, resolve, confidence and commitment to excellence in all walks of life. A reversal of the vicim mentality. Withdrawal of blame as a paradigm.  The intelligent management of digital systems, the rational allocation of time to prevent overwhelm, the cancellation of multi tasking dilution and capacity for handling high volumes of work and personal load. To thrive when the heat is on.

Life Purpose

A holistic commitment to do what it takes to achieve goals, daily habits and longer term visions that stands the test of time. An explanation for and worthy reason for working through the chaos to find order in life.


Basically, this swings the whole “waiting for things to change” mentality into “being the change” mindset. Instead of “wishing for peace”  we resolve to act without blame. Instead of just bemoaning environmental destruction we don’t play victim and therefore we act and stop sending sugar and toxic waste down our throat. It’s real.

Although there is much skepticism about the word “spirituality” it is only because the teachers have either dished up fragments that in themselves are useless and ego gratifying or the “clubs” that surround the word spirituality have born little relevance to the real challenges of urban life, executive stress, relationship intimacy, financial aspirations and, most importantly have attempted to become a replacement form of religious dogmatism. In Spirituality in Reality I address life and create a first aid kit for the soul to deal with hurt, as well as provide stimulation and inspiration for positive personal change through higher consciousness. One must not be afraid of the concept of “higher consciousness” as it is not a state of superiority nor egalitarian idealism but rather a less traumatic, more sustainable and heart felt way of living that is also highly aware of responsibility to relieve the suffering of others.

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