Back on Track™ Coaching

1. It is important to know that Back on Track coaching is holistic. In other words, you work on all seven areWalker Seven Elements of Life Score Cardas of life, not just one. The reason for this is conspicuous when you consider that a change in one area of life will definitely have an impact on all the other areas of life and therefore, may cause a ripple effect that you are wise to know about. For example if you change your work to improve your performance in career, or financial, what effect will that have at home and is it just creating another problem for further down the track. In Back on Track we follow the law of nature, change one, change all. It turns out to save you a lot of time, money and trouble.

  1. Back on Track also focusses on your way of thinking as well as what you think. Too many Chris Walker Consciousness Conepeople go into coaching to change what they think but do not address their expectations, emotional process and level of thinking. This is important because if you always think the way you always thought, emotionally at least, you’ll always feel what you always felt. Change is really a process of thinking differently. You have the opportunity to not only change what but how you think. It changes how you see the world, how you react, it shifts mental health, addictions, reactions and expectations. Hence you find yourself sitting right in the driver’s seat of your life and your emotional wellbeing. It’s a big shift.
  2. Back on Track is a process. I believe that too many people become dependent on their Back on Track Graphicmentor for all the wrong reasons. The key for me is to create a language, a dialogue that reduces the need for lengthy conversations and becomes more of a diagnostic than a protracted counselling session every time something goes wrong. This is more time effective coaching, more self reliant for yourself and means you can use what you’ve learnt in a process format to help and guide others. It’s a time proven process for resolving states of uncertainty, clarify your mind, create a rebranding of yourself and get you back up on the horse whenever you slip. It can be all too easy when faced with confronting events at home or at work to dive for cover and seek spontaneous recovery, missing the real issues and sweeping them under the carpet where they can fester for a bad moment in the future. Instead, the Back on Track process guarantees a deep, honest and truthful clarity in the face of hardship and reinvention.

  3. Back on Track is real. Look out for anyone who promises a rose garden. Life evolves at Evolve Cycles - Frustrathe border of chaos and order, hence, any promise of nirvana while you still eat, sleep and poop is a myth and a marketing trick. I’m here to work with you on the universal wisdom reflected in nature. There’s no fake promises, no hype, no fancy seminars to leave you drifting until the upsell. You get the Universal laws, they alone, reveal, seal and make real every problem, challenge, opportunity, stress or distress you might face and flip it into a blissful and powerful state of mind that’s bullet proof and open hearted. Believe me when I say I’ve been doing this for 35 years and the results are amazing, yet again, confronting. But real change always is.

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