A Few of My Favourite Audiobooks

These are books that I trust. I usually put them on 1.5 to 2.0 times the speed of the narrator so I get them read and then sometimes listen again for the fun of it.

The audiobooks I choose both inspire me and challenge me. They are rarely modern books as i prefer books that stand the test of time rather than recent ones that come and go with the wind… often proving themselves to be a myth … and having the author revisit their golden advice with the opposite some years later (see Tom Peters).

So, enjoy – I’ve not searched for the cheapest deal here. But in some cases they are free dor a subscription and always cheap when you buy the Kindle version at the same time (what I do). Apple Audiobooks are usually more expensive for some reason. Audible and Kindle are connected which means book marks in the written version and spoken version tie up.

Ram Das – Conscious Ageing: On the nature of change and facing death

John Muir – A Passion for Nature

Emerson on Self Reliance

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