Nature’s Bible

Never psychoanalyse yourself.

You cannot shift a paradigm from within the paradigm.

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

Nature doesn’t send trouble your way. She sends opportunities.

Nature loves you. She guides you. What you call bad, painful or terrible is opportunity knocking at your paradigm. But you may not see it that way. You may see your paradigm being challenged and psychoanalyse yourself or even work harder to do what you’ve always done.

Fighting nature is unwise. She has the universe on her side.

In America they shot a Gorilla to save the life of a boy. The fundamentalists had their paradigm challenged. They want to put the parents of the boy in jail and the zoo in court. Those are just people who had their paradigm challenged. They got their paradigm from a church. Ironically, the church teaches that nature is there for human benefit. So, they will need psychoanalysis to sort that complication out.

Nature only loves. You love and hate. Whatever you hate you will learn not to hate. That is why nature gives you life. Your pain and struggle only comes from resistance. Resistance only comes from trying not to change your paradigm.

Your life is nature’s bible. Your body is part of nature’s bible. The challenge between your expected life and your real life is not punishment. Nature never ever ever punishes. She teaches love. It is not a love like our paradigm of dependency on another person for intimacy and warmth. Nature’s love is true love, unconditional love.

If life is not going the way you expected, then you have a fear. You fear not getting what you hoped for. Fear drives us all. Fear can only be of the future. We cannot fear the past. The past we can only have guilt about. If you have a fear about the future, your paradigm and nature’s bible – your life – are having a squabble.

You cannot solve a problem (squabble) at the level that the problem was created at… your paradigm. If you don’t solve they problem, it gets more dramatic. More dramatic means your fear gets bigger and the pain of resistance gets stronger.

If you are holding onto a paradigm while nature is teaching you to love a hate, then you will become dysfunctional. Nature’s bible and your bible (paradigm) will be arguing. I wouldn’t like to be in the middle of that fight. It will be ugly.

But it doesn’t have to be ugly. You can surrender and love a hate.

If you have a hope or dream for the future the highest chance of you achieving that outcome is for you to love a hate because it expands your possibility and probability.

Instead of looking for “why” do I have this pain, you can “know” why you have this or that pain, mental, physical, social, financial, career, family, spiritual pain is the same pain just shifted to your highest value. All pain is just resistance to love.

There is a process called a discard process but this is sadly flawed because we can justify our paradigm by writing benefits and drawbacks that we feel that fit with our paradigm. Then there is intellectual satisfaction from that process. But there is no more love if we don’t experience the symptoms of a paradigm shift. Again nature’s bible – your body – will show you when you move a hate to a love by physical demonstration. The physical body can’t lie like the mind can.

The signs of shifting a hate to a love, in other words nature’s bible, are:

  1. Fear is replaced by clarity and certainty
  2. Pain turns to gratitude
  3. Inspired eye tears come to the outer corners of the eyes
  4. We look up automatically
  5. We feel the presence of people who are not with us in the room
  6. You feel light – almost weightless
  7. You lose track of space for a few moments (no senses)
  8. You lose track of time for a few moments (out of body experience)
  9. You just want to hug people
  10. Your whole energy shifts to the centre of your chest
  11. The room gets brighter
  12. It is easy to smile from within
  13. You hear your inner voice – love/inspiration/spirit/soul.

Nature’s bible has many pages.

No page in nature’s bible has right or wrong, good or bad, pleasure or pain, self or other written on it.

Nature’s bible does not punish you. Ever…

Nature’s bible wants you to fulfil your dreams and hopes but it wants you to love what you hate as a part of the journey.

Your fears about the future (stress) is a measure of your quarrel with nature, between your paradigm and nature’s paradigm. It is an infinite journey.

There are a lot of problems when we think we are shifting our paradigm but really are not. The signs of thinking we are shifting our paradigm when we are not are:

  1. psychoanalysing ourselves “usually means talking about “I” and “me” a lot.
  2. searching for teachings (yoga and meditation) and feeling comfortable – validated
  3. deciding that someone else is wrong and we got it right
  4. feeling angry and frustrated that we’ve made a huge effort and nothing has changed
  5. acceleration of drama and resistance to our expectations and hopes (fears increase)
  6. physical discomfort at a muscular level such as aches, pains, tension, cramps
  7. mental discomfort at a stress level such as anger, nerves, arguments, resentment, judgements on boss or partner.
  8. disconnectedness from other people

Nature loves. She loves at the border of support and challenge. If your paradigm is that nature supports and when she challenges you are being punished or even guided to change what you do or where you are going or who you are with, then you are confusing your bible with nature’s bible.

If your paradigm needs to change, that is a deep – potentially unconscious habitual thinking process that needs change. It takes 21 days to get rid of a bad habit and another 21 days to implement a new habit. 42 days – unbroken focus…

but there’s no rush… nature can wait … she’s in no rush … but you might be?

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