The Enormous Benefits of Nature Based Spirituality in Reality

The Enormous Benefits of Nature Based Spirituality in Reality:

  1. You think faster… (science has proven the link between using the higher brain centres engaged by nature based spiritual thinking and the speed at which you can think providing enormous benefits of this in business and relationship.
  2. It’s immediate … (by engaging in nature based spirituality you can achieve the highest states of consciousness spontaneously, anywhere anytime without the need for protracted discipleship,  contradictory values sets and conflicting paradigms to your goals and life process.
  3. You open your heart … (study after study reveals that blood pressure is lower, mind is clearer, and therefore emotional drama is vastly reduced by immersion in spirituality in reality through nature benefiting personal as well as business relationships)
  4. You live longer … (there’s indisputable academic research that validates this claim that people who do know how to truly connect with nature raise their immune system function, lower their risk of heart and stroke illness, become less at risk of mental health or other debilitating age related illness.)
  5. You work smarter … (spirituality in reality calms your nerves, decreases your reactions, breaks addictions and improves overall decision making by accelerating your process of detachment. Results are demonstrated and experienced almost immediately.)
  6. You become a better lover … (through a deeper connection to nature and the natural world people become more sensitive to the needs of others, more in touch with their own innate hierarchy of needs and therefore more diversified in their love making skills, more engaged and engaging outside the bedroom and therefore more empowered on a holistic sexual physical level.
  7. You think bigger … (empirical evidence for those who do embrace the spirituality in reality awareness through nature is that your ability to create, sustain and communicate an enticing vision is made vastly more automatic, intrinsic and robust. Proven to be one of the most highly valued success factors in entrepreneurial and corporate leadership)
  8. Your children stay connected … (spirituality in reality bridges the gap between generations, ages, emotions and expectations to form bonds with family that discount the need for “in your pocket” relationships that trigger arguments and disagreements. An over-arching connection is achieved through a very deep experience of the universe and life at the level of reality)
  9. You empower others … (forced empowerment is both transparent and synthetic and therefore is exhausting and meaningless. Through spirituality in reality your focus swings from changing others through empowerment to the rituals of self empowerment and therefore engagement with others at a real and authentic personal level … the impact is felt by others almost immediately)
  10. You save time and money … (you may have heard the yoga quote of “do the practice and all is coming” or the Buddhist teaching of “beginners mind” – both of which are designed to keep you in a permanent state of subservience to a teacher, philosophy or teaching. Your whole life can pass you by while you wait for “it” to come or “to know” something you can trust other than beginners knowledge. Spirituality in reality introduces you to perennial teachings of the universe through the full and uninhibited personal witnessing of Universal laws as demonstrated by life itself. No guesswork, no waiting, no books, just stars, trees, oceans, people, global brands, business, relationship laid bare – stripped of emotional complexity – the order in the chaos. A witnessing that is no “all is coming promise” or “act like a beginner” – it is simply the universal laws of nature, leaving you to practice their application to your advantage in all walks of life.
  11. You think with an inspired mind … (human’s are never happy for long with material or emotional victories. We seek something deeper, all of us. We seek happiness through meaning, purpose, influence, love but most importantly, we seek to be inspired by living our own life. Spirituality in reality throws you the hot potato of thinking inspired. Once you start you cannot go back even if you slip back, it’s clear that those old ways are not nourishing to your life, relationships or work. This is the ultimate victory, the reward for effort you get from spirituality in reality, nature’s universal laws give you the keys to inspired thinking and therefore the happiness and fulfillment you achieve is independent, individual and self made. You become your own spiritual leader, a truly egoless and transformative awareness.
  12. You tap into your intuitive nature … (trusting your intuitions is fraught with potential insecurities because most of us struggle to separate beliefs, emotions, instincts and fears from a real and truthful sense of intuition. Spirituality in reality creates the infinitely wide gap between mind noise and the associated rhetoric people think is intuition (called ego) and true sixth sense mastery … which, in real life is the greatest lie detector ever invented for self and other. Want to know your vision? Switch on your spirituality in reality sixth sense lie detector and you’ll separate fantasy and reality. You can help others in this way too.
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