Nature, Human, Leader – Video

We are always surprised to know that leadership is a nature based science and that it can’t be taught. A person who leads is as natural a part of life as a tree or an ocean. All nature has leadership and we are a part of that nature. There are those who claim to be able to teach leadership but this is not authentic and this form of leadership incurs the dissatisfaction of those who are subjected, by force, to it’s acrimony.

If you are placed in a team with a “false leader” there will be stress. A leader has a thing which in nature we call certainty. You may be afraid of certainty because the closest a false certainty can come to a natural one is hard headedness. That’s worthy of your rejection because it disengages rather than engages people. Certainty is a wisdom that sits beneath the surface of a leader’s thoughts.

In nature there is certainty. Certainty, not about when the storm will come or how the sun will shine … those are the tides of the day and cannot be predicted with certainty. But there are certainties, and to know them puts the leader at advantage. Those certainties come from nature and universal laws because, whether on Mars or Earth, such laws predict the future with absolute clarity.

You are welcome to come and learn these universal laws.

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