Everybody has got their own pain. It usually comes in the area of life that’s your highest priority. Well, lets say in another way. Pain in any area of life turns that area into your highest priority. That’s why, pain and problems are no great measure of your values.

Total Human Awareness means living as nature intended. There are environmentalists and greens and conservationists whose lives are as far from nature’s harmony as those of corporate corruption. So, it may be hard to find order in the chaos when looking for role models for pain solutions.

For example: a person who wants to save the whales or rescue dogs may have the most violent domestic relationship. The person who wants all the forests preserved at all cost may have or even cause the greatest pain in their workplace. This is half life and as corrupt as any white colar crime.

I know of politicians who run a state or province, go to church every week and yet whose family are drug addicted due to poor and ill advised parenting.  Do you know such corruptions?

To live in harmony in all seven areas of life must be our goal. To do so, we cannot ever trust a rule book invented by a human. All such things are biased and polarised into win and loss, half truths about the human condition. To live in harmony in all seven areas of life we must therefore trust nature. But what of nature do we trust? The experience of nature is obvious. But trust implies understanding and science. What is that science?

To live in harmony in all seven areas of life we must see ourselves as total humans. Not fragments that are in pain or pleasure. Hence, the science we trust must be nature’s science, nature’s law.

Put Self, Nature, Earth, Planet, Universe, Love in alignment and there is no pain, only beauty. To witness this once in a lifetime is profound. To own this wisdom and insight is truly a blessing.

To learn nature’s / universal law is simple. One must simply co-exist with nature for a period and depend on such knowledge for survival. Hence, once it was common knowledge, or common sense. But this common knowledge empowered the individual which made them ungovernable, untaxable and at the lower reaches of human nature, uncontrollably violent. Hence such knowledge and wisdom is not so freely available now. Religions with man made rules and laws took its place.

To live with Total Human Awareness for yourself and others, requires an understanding of Nature’s/Universal law. This is otherwise refered to as self reliance in all seven areas of life.


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