Love, Nature, You

When my first marriage split up, I was in the worst possible pain. “Please” I begged “burn me. Anything has to be better than this.

I grew up in nature. We heated our home with hand cut wood. We ate home grown veggies and we even shot and ate our own meat. As I grew up I separated from that reality and started trying to survive with fragments of it. I studied Martial arts, yoga, ancient philosophy and Christianity. I immersed myself in all manner of fragments of nature’s teachings. The further I searched for what was already mine, the deeper the pains of life became.

I sat under a tree one day, reading a book about life and how to live it. Ironic, I closed that the book and there I was, sitting in the greatest library on earth: Nature. Once I found this reality the experience of love, nature and myself changed completely.

Any ideas about why?

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