Your Mountain

Oh baby there ain’t no mountain high enough,

Ain’t no valley low enough,

Ain’t no river wide enough

To keep me from getting to you babe

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Everyone has a mountain to climb. All  my clients climb their own unique individual mountains.  Nobody can say this one is bigger than that one. It all depends on the climber and their intention. Everybody does what they are born to do, climb their own mountain. Some climbers in the Himalayas need a guide, a Sherpa to guide them. Back here in the city, I am that guide, an everyday sea level SHERPA to my clients. I’m acclimatised to high altitude challenges in all seven areas of life, and qualified in all. An MBA FOR CAREER. A BACHELOR DEGREE IS HUMAN ENVIRONMENT – Biophilia. RESEARCHER AND PRACTITIONER IN UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, sacred relationships , healing broken hearts, getting back on track at home. SPIRITUAL TEACHER IN YOGA, MEDITATION, METAPHYSICS. ENTREPRENEUR AND AUTHOR OF 20 BOOKS IN ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT.

I help you climb your mountain – I’ve distilled thousands of years of wisdom (common sense) – through trial and error over 35 years – so it’s real.

Life’s too short to learn from your own mistakes – learn from mine – I’ve climbed these mountains many times. With love.

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