In Persuit of Greatness – Outside Video

You don’t have to be a thrillseeker or death defying athlete to experience the rush of living life in the zone. You just need to love your job, love the people you get to work with, pump a bit of excitement into your day.

Run from boredom. Run from that middle place they call comfortable. Run as hard as you can toward the ends. Be either perfectly still in a nightmare of silence or express yourself in your dreams and enthusiasm. Beware of friends and family who say “calm down” because they’ve surrendered to the middle. The “quiet life of desperation” – fight that, never surrender, draw lines in the sand when your parner comes home wounded by their own incompetence at work and say “step up or out.”

Raise the bar. Get depressed. Feel the hurt. Sink and swim. Learn, make mistakes. Don’t let that stuff be anything but temporary. Speed bumps are there. Just use a safety rope.

If I coach you, I’ll stick it up you. I’ll make sure there’s no compromises. You’ll be you, and live it proudly. Slip and I’ll catch you so you learn and grow and expand from it. This is the way of nature. My way. Nature’s way.


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