Total Human Awareness – Nature and Personal Change For Global Change

Nature’s Law – “nobody treats you better or worse than you treat yourself”

What an amazing principle to live your life by. It means that if you want change in your world, you have the power to implement it immediately. Step 1. Change the way you treat yourself.

It’s so easy to fall into the “poor me” I’m a victim mode and in doing so give your power to everything around you. Even empowering those things you want to change.

It begins with you. If you want to eradicate poverty, eradicate it in your life first. If you want to eradicate domestic violence make sure you are not being violent on yourself first. If you want to feed the starving and nourish the children of the world make sure you are nourishing your inner child before you go trying to fix global problems that simply mirror your own state of inner conflict.

Success begins with personal success. And personal success must begin, if it is to be sustainable at all, with a belief that you are born worthy. Sometimes we are not born into environments that mirror that belief and so success is more often than not build on determination, or anger, or an attempt to prove the world wrong. This sort of motive always fails, even if it does generate wealth or trophies, it all ends up being temporary.

To transcend our roots, if those roots are of low valuation, or unrealistic expectation we make some very poor choices. We marry someone who is worthy. We might even become a wealthy poor person. We make the mistake of borrowing self worth from others but then our life becomes a perpetual fight between our low worth and our partner’s high worth. Punching above our weight and being hit in the guts below it. The end result is a turbulent life which we eventually want to resolve.

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be? That question is the first question I ask every client who comes to me to reconcile their current way of life. “if you could change one thing in the world what would it be? If the answer is outside them, then there is no reconciliation with nature, there is no possibility to draw a new contract with nature. The individual will remain at war within themselves and that war will, in some form become externally mirrored at work or at home.

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be? The answer is always “Me.”

All of your beliefs are mirrored in the life you create. Sometimes we find people saying “I” in conversations over and over. Never trust that person. Their definition of self has diminished to the smallest possible commodity, completely separated from nature. This individual will act on self aggrandisement, don’t be angry with them, it’s self preservation.

Ultimately, I can show you how to reshuffle the deck of cards you have dealt yourself. This is not a simple mental game as some meditation teachers would have you think. We know this is not ever going to change the world. Proof of that is in those who practice only mental meditation. What is needed is total human awareness. To recognise the full breadth of the human thought process one needs to ask “where does the body start and the mind finish?”

I offer you a seven dimensional understanding of the true nature of being human.

  1. Change your mind (unlearn some self limiting judgments of self and other)
  2. Change your body (create habits of self worth) Global love begins here.
  3. Change your environment (we are the environment we create)
  4. Change your priorities (people who work on low priorities beat themselves up)
  5. Change your outlook (see the world through the eyes of possibilities)
  6. Change your self talk (recognise yourself as energy rather than personality)
  7. Act different.

The way I present this seven step learning to you is through one on one coaching and an online learning programme, backed with daily podcasts and this blog. The reason there is so much support needed to implement change is that everything, and everyone around you is used to the old you. As you break the realm of your current definitions of self respect and self worth, your friends and family will debate the validity of your choices. In this time you need a friend, a coach to remind you that you’ve chosen to resonate at a whole new level now.

The place that you resonate shifts everything. You will write differently, dress differently, act and eat differently, sing differently, feel differently. These shifts are frail at first – they are exercises. Exercises become integrated after six weeks and then they are no longer exercises. For example: recognising that you are a part of the universe may mean daily ritual using an alarm clock and talking to yourself each morning but after six weeks of unbroken (meaning never missing a day) that experience will become a part of you.

Unbroken practice:

  •  “oh, it’s Saturday, I’ll skip it today.” Start from zero again
  • “oh, I’m tired” Start from zero again
  • “Oh, lets have a sleep in we deserve it” Start from zero again
  • “oh, I’ve got a plane to catch” Start from zero again

I could list 1,000 plus excuses I have heard over 35 years including “Oh, I’ve got a headache” well, so have I. But when we can’t string together 42 days of constancy what are we really saying? Answer “I’m not worth it.” Which was that voice we are attempting to convince that there’s a better way to resonate with life and nature. That inner voice of “I’ve got a great excuse today, it’s my …..” is the very saboteur and it so easy resumes it’s call to the old ways by engaging and renting partners, parents, friends, work colleagues, and the weather to say “Oh, give me a break I’ve been up all night with the kids” and in revealing that voice, you will know why there is a quarrel between you and the universe and nature.

Personal Change is very very easy. What is not easy is the six weeks of unbroken commitment to it. At the end of the day we are where we are, all of us, because our daily practice, including our inner dialogue has more control over our lives than we think. It can even sabotage an investment to change.

Are you up for it?

It’s 4.30am day 39 of 42 of my 20th Total Human Awareness cycle. I’m writing this at 4.30am because I am doing my own programme, making another leap in personal change, moving through another frustra, and  man, I have plenty of them to enjoy in my life. I do it, I’m committed to the Cycle, because every step I take in that direction changes the world in the other.


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