What’s In Your Heart Today?

You might ask yourself “why do some people make a success of life while others just have to settle for mediocrity?” and then puzzle over opportunities, your hard work, your limited talent or your karma. But in this amazing documentary, (it’s on Monday’s in Sydney on Ch9) the answer is demonstrated over and over and over. It’s your heart that sings, not your voice.

I am not a big tv fan, but I love a great documentary and this is one of the best there is. Following music, you might say, doesn’t have anything to do with my job in finance, or design, or banking or consulting, but it does… First, because just like music there are millions who don’t make it to the top… and in your industry, there are millions who don’t make it to the top. Second, and most importantly, talent is not the vital key that differentiates between, bottom and top. Finallly, the stories of hardship, sacrifice, persistence, determination and more… all those words we sometimes confuse with “long hours and hard work” and not the secret to success. Everybody suffers in this life and although it looks uneven, it’s not. What really lifts an artist to the top is described in the documentary as “they’re annointed.” I think it’s a way of saying “it’s their purpose.”

Here’s the Video trailer of the show. As soon as it’s out and for sale, I’ll be adding this to my collection. I believe it’s available on some download chanels but I’d rather wait and pay my dues. It’s a personal choice.

What’s in your heart today?


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