Truth (Video with Jim Carrey)


On the right, there are seven areas of life. This is your made up, or chosen reality. You have emotions about this stuff. It’s what you’re trying to navigate. When you think this is real you start to try to find peace in it. You start to try to sort out your problems in it. You might even thinks some areas don’t matter and some do. You can even solve problems in one of the seven areas by making a complete messs of another area and not worry about it. But everything on the chart evolves at the border of order and chaos, so no matter what you do, no matter how compliant you are, there will be chaos in one or all areas of life.

Across the other side of the line, to the left, there are no areas of life. This is called your heart. Your true potential. Your divine nature. Your inspired self. Whatever it is it “Wants Nothing, Needs Nothing, and Therefore Has Everything.”

To build things in a good way on the right, you need to know how to get to the left which is “perspective.” I mean, you can’t solve problems on the right at the level of the problems because you caused them or are a part of them. This distancing gives you choices. On the left you’ll see yourself as universal. On the right you’ll see yourself as limited.

The space on the left is what’s refered to as a “MANIFESTER” – you control your focus, direct your energy across the line and into your chosen areas without burning out worrying about what you can’t change.

To get to the left you’ll need a map. I have created five universal principles that get you to the left instantly. Not only do they get you into a powerful position of clarity, objectivity and perspective (a universal one) but they also make sense of what’s going on over on the right. In other words – just five priniciples, five words, explain the whole dynamics of seven areas of life. That turns you into a manifester.

Once you know those five principles you know the eternal formulea that solve every problem, answer every question, move every heart on the planet. You become awake.

Those five principles are powerful but their enemy is fear. Overcome fear and you can build what you choose, follow those principles and you will live your dreams. You are here on earth for more than you know, and think. But, it is important not to get ahead of yourself with greed and ambition. The key is to understand this moment in time as absolutely perfect, and yet, contextualise this moment in a journey toward something greater than yourself.

Let those five principles (the Five Universal Principles) govern your choices.

All will be fine.

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