Nature’s Antidepressant


It’s natural. Depression is not natural. You can beat depression just being natural. I’ll show you how to rise above the stuff that sucks your spirit down. I’ll show you how, without reading a single book or taking a single antidepressant tablet you can be alive and thrive.

It’s time to get outside. Skip yoga classes, stop chanting, forget meditation. Get outside, feel the spirit and then bring it home. You can bring it home. I’ll show you how.

The stuff of great poetry, the music of the soul, a magnificent sunrise down on Bondi Beach as the weather turns from Summer to Winter. It’s a time to prepare for a different season – change of sport if you have to, more indoor life… and, beware, more depression.

In a series of powerful studies winter has been shown to correlate with depression, suicide rates and mental health issues. If you’re a summer lover, beware, it’s time to be safe against an unseen influence – lack of sunlight, dampness and dark.

There have been quite a few inventions put forward to resolve nature’s little message of withdrawal. One was a lamp than generated some level of UV light to synthesise summer sun. Another was a pill. My solution is very different.

My solution…

  1. Wear a hat … keep the top of your head warm and it really doesn’t feel like winter
  2. Wear winter shoes and don’t let your feet get cold … and it double doesn’t feel like winter
  3. Turn off or at least turn down heaters in the house. Use your body warmth to stay warm
  4. Buy a great winter jacket and wear it until it drops off you. Make it wind proof and warm, possibly two layer. Mine has lasted 3 seasons and I wear it everyday .. Mine is a Millet two piece
  5. Exercise more… Ironically your body metabolism starts to slow, circulation slows and cold gets into your bones during winter. So, the solution is to exercise, sweat more. That means riding a bike, a rowing machine or actually get outside with great gear (don’t compromise) – I love Rapha Riding Gear, and Macpac Wollen Clothes, (never wear cotton in winter). I also go for Uniqlo heatec undies for men and women…
  6. Shoes are another topic for winter… In Canada or New York my shoes had soles as thick as car tyres. But in Sydney i notice leather is the go year round. I always wear winter shoes, (RM Williams Boots with Rubber sole inserts) in Sydney. They’re comfy and great for all weather.
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