Back on Track Workbook Part 11

The thumbprint of your soul are your values. Sometimes these values, the intrinsic ones, are buried so deep beneath the rubble of education, indoctrination, experiences and reaction that we don’t know ourselves.

You may borrow someone else’s values. That is good. It’s better than none at all. However, if those borrowed values belong to mum and dad, or a cult, or a meditation group and they in any way, conflict with your own true values, there is uncertainty, chaos, lost conviction and you may feel insecure.

Sitting down each year and comparing your own values to your own actions might be a worthwhile exercise. It doesn’t take long. A few hours maybe. But it can save you so much distress and heartache within. Here are some sheets that may help you work out your values and by doing so, spread a little more love in the world.

Walker Values Determination Form

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