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Christopher's Daily Checklis

I love checklists. I love ticking things off. It’s a sort of self promoting reward system to see the days accumulating with 100% scores. I’m not too tough on myself to get 100% done. I do have either or options, like walk or swim, so I set a schedule like swim 3 times a week and bike twice. As long as I see eight bikes and 12 swims a month, I’m happy. I also use more than just ticks. Sometimes I write distances or time. Either way, in those little box’s my daily habits turn into weekly and monthy targets. When I’m training for an even I will write the target km or times down in an extra column so I have a monthy target to work toward I like this because we can be so hard on ourselves sometimes. Plus, i think we actually do more than we think and sometimes just focus on what’s not done.

I watched a documentary on Jim Carrey last week … he wrote himself a post dated $10,000,000 check and kept it in his wallet, looking at it everyday and six months before the check date he received a $10,000,000 check for a movie. He calls himself a manifester… this is what meditation and walkachi and the checklist above is all about…. manifesting…  Are you clear on what you’d love to manifest? If not, do your VIP again. Vision, inspiration and purpose … otherwise you might end up manifesting exactly what you’re visioning, nothing…

I created my check list on Microsoft Excel. You’re welcome to use it.




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