Treat Yourself As a Professional Athlete Would…

People are different in nature

“Do you know what astonishes me most in the world? The inability of force to create anything. In the long run, the sword is always beaten by the spirit.”

Napoleon Bonaparte

So, you are part way through or finished the 30 day challenge and asking yourself “what next?” Firstly, let me say that you need to congratulate yourself. This is not an easy course – it is designed for the top end individual who isn’t interested in small talk, waffle or stuffing around with academic theory or hippie notions about how to live and love in life.

You are, as a graduate, or near graduate at the top end of the professional athlete scale of personal spirituality. To that end, it’s wise to treat yourself appropriately.

What does a professional athlete do, say on their day off in the middle of the “Tour de France?” Typically, they ride their bike 100km – because they know that a day off is not a day of sloth. They know that a day off is recovery and if they don’t ride, they don’t recover. What can you learn from that?

You’re learning, at the heart of this course, the Walker Power Hour. It’s so powerful, you can actually do it in 30 minutes. Compressing time? Einstein would be most impressed. But seriously, you’re learning a “PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE” Programme that you do every day of your life. Just like a professional athlete in any sport, you use this Power Hour to stay one step ahead of the game. Hence, people who do my Power Hour rarely get caught with their pants down which usually means, calamity, disaster or humbling circumstances.

Lets just take one example of what this means before we go on and summarise the Walker Power Hour: bread. If you eat bread you will be happy. You will feel full and you will feel nourished because bread makes you feel full and nourished, especially with butter and whatever on it. In the Power Hour we don’t eat bread. Why? Because we focus on cause not effect. What’s that mean? Well, if you eat for effect, I.e to feel full and nourished, you are focussing on remedial maintenance, it’s like waiting for a blow out on your car before you change the tyres. That’s ok, as long as you aren’t doing a 130km/hr corner with the family on board when the blow out typically happens. Same for bread. Bread makes you fat, screws up your digestive tract, messes with your metabolism, disrupts your immune system, fills your body with toxin, absorbs water, makes you bloated and ruins your love life. You can do your own research on all that. But it’s fact. So, we don’t focus on effect, waiting for the scales to tell us we’re fat again, or farts at night to tell us we’re bloated again, or pimples on the cheeks to tell us our immune system is toxic. No, we go to cause, we eliminate bread and save so much stuffing around with doctors, diets, skin specialist, colonoscopies, bad breath and lost love life. We head the problems off before they happen.

Now, it’s not a gold plated guarantee that you won’t get stinky farts at night or whatever, but cutting out bread sure is a 90% contribution to eliminating that stuff. So, are you in or out?

There are seven stages to the WALKER POWER HOUR … I’ll summarise them then go through them again. You’ve covered each and every one in the 30 day challenge and if not, you will before it’s done.

  1. DISCARD … mind balance is life balance. But a head full of poop is as bad as a colon full of poop. Discard eliminates bad moods, negativity, criticism, doubt, anger, fear, frustration and more. These are the poop of a brain that’s out of balance. All emotion, which is out of balance brain, which are proven, (do your own research – but Candice Pert, Molecules of Emotion is a good start) to cause illness, failure, mental health problems, obesity, chronic fatigue … Emotions are poop in the brain. This is the constipation of the soul. Now, I’ve tried thousands of laxatives for poop on the brain including zen, yoga, meditation, hypnosis, escapism and hard work but my best solution, the one that really works for me, is a five minute a day discard your constipation away, Discard. It’s an enema to the ego. A reconnect to the clarity and simplicity that brings your creative genius out instead of a misty fog of moods and forgetfulness. Mind balance is life balance. A person with a balanced mind is balanced no matter where they are. Don’t balance work against life, balance life with life, work at work. The real balance we seek can be found in nature. People are different in nature: more inspired, more generous, more kind, more friendly, more creative and more visionary. So, the DISCARD is nature bought home in a bag. Discard simply gives you in urban ways what farming the fields and digging the carrots used to do over a lifetime in country life. It connects you to your true nature, gets past your big fat ego, daily. With this you get perspective, clarity, peace of mind, love, fulfilment, life balance and big picture thinking. All this for five minutes a day. You can’t beat that! To a super athlete of the soul, like you, it’s a super return on time and energy investment. Don’t skip it. A constipated head that has been blocked and not DISCARDED for a few days, is seriously stinking and very isolating. Don’t wait for the effect to give you pain, treat the cause and have preventative medicine.
  2. CELLULAR – well we’ve cleared the mind with DISCARD but where does the mind end and the body begin? It’s hard to do good if you don’t feel good. The ultimate question of all Yoga is how to join the mind and body in one. And there is the answer. Cellular health. Because Cellular health is a mind and body interaction. Emotions affect the cells, food affects the cells and exercise affect the cells of your body. Hence, to fiddle with the mind and not fiddle with the body would be fruitless, and visa versa. To go out and do exercise, training and health programs without working on the mind is a ridiculous definition of wellness, fitness or heath. Come on! Lets be real. Running up and down hills and going on diets is no health program. That’s dealing with effect, trying to look good after eating shit and drinking booze. Feel good means wake up good. That means eat good the day before, not booze and go to bed nourished from life, not filled with potato, pasta and meat that digests all night and makes you feel like a slug in the morning so you go out and try a personal trainer to undo what you already did. So, instead, we use our wisdom. Goodness that stuff is as free as air. We do daily Cellular development which, at the core of it, evolves your DNA. This includes: preventative eating, morning spiritual connections, some HIT training, a few minutes playing dead, (corpse pose), connection to the universe to refill the fuel tanks (Walkachi) eating an awesome breakfast, avoiding certain toxic thinking and making sure we know the difference between over and under exercising (too much or too little). Too little exercise and you’ll end up with what I call the Canadian “double bum” (which seems a prerequisite to a job in the Canadian Public Service) or double belly – and too much exercise which means you probably look about 200 years old when you could look 10 – 20 years younger than your age. Cellular health is really the foundation of longevity, vitality and personal presence. Most of it is about not doing dumb things like taking breakfast cereal in which so much toxic and unhealthy crap been packaged under all sorts of false branding than “healthy cereal” breakfasts. Goodness, let’s get a life. Sugar at 7am …. that’s disaster in anybody’s book. So, we reverse engineer the wisdom of the ages and stay young, feel good, have energy and don’t cause ourselves trouble in health. We work on cause not effect. You will look 20 years younger than your age… guaranteed.
  3. ENVIRONMENT … I estimate my productivity to be in the range of 4-6 times the average city worker. I live by the beach, work 6-7 hours a day and spend at least 4 hours outdoors even in winter. And that’s weird. I’m walking, swimming, sitting, watching, playing, talking, meeting in nature which feels very “non corporate” but my output is amazing. I can’t emphasise this affirmative aspect of life enough. Environment changes lives. A child bought up in a bad environment is going to end up struggling. A business with a bad environment, either physical or emotional will pay for it. A home where bad moods and emotions are not supportive will end up broken. So, the opportunity – the big deal – about environment is three fold:
    1. Manage you inner environment … choose gratitude, presence, certainty and love.
    2. Manage your outer environment … choose clothes, offices, homes that match your desired results
    3. Manage your connection with nature’s environment … get outside – Biophilia…
  4. PRIORITIES – Life with low self worth is the pits. If your self worth sinks life stinks. If your self worth goes into the toilet it’s because you let it, caused it and chose it. You might say “I want to build a “temple of love” but if you spend all day building a “temple of doom” whose choices were they? Now this is key. Choices. You get to choose thousands of times a day what you do, think, act on, smell like and look like. On the one hand you can make those choices out of “ooooh, this feels good” or “oooooh, that feels bad” or you can get over this benign self sabotage and choose more wisely. If your values say “health” as you highest priority and you’re drinking arsenic for lunch, well that’s a conflict of interest internally and nobody can help you resolve internal conflicts that you cause. Don’t blame the world, or the sandwich maker, you chose to put it in your mouth.  And this whole part of the POWER HOUR is about how you make your choices on a daily basis. Not letting your self worth sink into the toilet from dumb choices. It’s also about success: your self worth and your net worth are linked. Your self worth and your relationship are linked. Your self worth and your heath are linked. Your self worth and your spirituality are linked. If you decide to be “up yourself” then your self esteem is high but your self worth is in the toilet. If you decide to “be down on yourself” then your self esteem and your self worth are in the toilet and that really hurts. So you have your values listed on a sheet, you know what’s important to you, either do you highest priorities or link what you do to your highest priorities. But do not work on your lowest priorities unless they get your highest priorities achieved. PRIORITISE… People who work on low priorities sabotage their self worth. That’s why weekends away, holidays, days off work, small talk, and other distractions need to be managed so that they are not off track. If they are, self worth goes down and so too does net worth.
  5. VISION – You know that your vision is your safety line. What you’ve learnt is that when you lose your vision and get all hooked into problem solving your emotions can really get the better of you. To have a vision is to have a life. What you’ve learnt is that if you meet a person who has a vision they’ll be talking about it within seconds of meeting them. They just want to talk about it somehow. So, that’s intense isn’t it? You’ve practiced imagination and realised that so many of us lose the ability to imagine. We’ve become so realistic that we’re all weighed down with ideas about how we can or can’t make money and as such we’re heavy with life rather than enlightened by the possibilities of it and the gift of being in it. To that end, we’ve called vision your lifeline. We’ve suggested that it’s your power recharge button, your connection to the universe, your ability to really charge and recharge your batteries any time you wish. This is heavy stuff. You get to see that a person with a vision might fulfil it but a person without a vision won’t. Living day to day or giving up a vision is not an option. What you and I are looking for here is a real conviction that comes from somewhere inside you that almost burns a hole in your pants at night. You really want to be transported by your vision so, it’s worth the time to craft it into a great, readable, visual statement that’s enjoyable to read three or even four times a day. Everyday. Every single day. Even if it’s your wedding day or your funeral day, you read your vision. No options here. We included your purpose in your vision. Your purpose is a two word statement that is your intention. Intent is important because vision can get quite specific whereas purpose or intention is transportable into any walk of life. I mean you can even be on purpose in an aeroplane or in your office. Making your purpose your own, is your job. The key to purpose and intent is that you are already doing it. Everybody is on purpose. We sabotage anything that we can’t link to our purpose, so, the only thing we’re doing here in this programme is articulating it so that you can understand why do you do what you do with more clarity.
  6. Self Talk – You’ve learnt that if you say something to yourself often enough, you’ll believe it. Now that’s good news and it’s bad news. I mean, if you keep saying “I’m an arsehole” to yourself, that’s where you’ll end up. If you keep saying “I’m a genius” you’ll end up there too. If you keep saying “I’m in the wrong job” you really are. And if you keep saying to yourself “I’m in love with my partner” you really are. We coach ourselves continuously. What you’ve learnt, or are learning is that this coaching needs to be done with great care. Firstly, so you don’t start trying to create emotional one sided outcomes and second so that you speak in the first tense, “I am …. “ rather than “I will …”
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