Changing Your Energy

Colour impacts thought. Mess impacts thought. Open plan offices are a curse to the deeper psychic levels of mind. Disturbance is not just audible. Witnessing aggressive individuals one does not have to speak to them to be affected. Depression is the same. Pictures on wall and many other symbolic icons create an ambience, which can be psychically disturbing or positively conducive to deep, creative inspirational work.

Ultimately, harmonics appeal to a unique part of the mind. The environment in an office can create or destroy Stillness. For example, red walls excite a person and will make them inclined to fight. A striking colour will give you an argumentative environment. Bright white torments the mind. Black sedates it. Green opens us and blue is creative and expansive. This is a whole life science and one that is vital to harmonious environments.

Products reflect the mindset of the people who make them. Consider the manufacturer of ships and planes and other methods of transportation that are used daily. Who makes these vehicles? Who knows what suffering or internal struggles existed in the minds of those who built the Titanic? Was there a peacemaker amongst them, coaching them to keep a certain rhythm of mind while making the great ship? Were the individuals who handled each and every beam distracted and impatient, or were they living in spirit and presence? Everything that is made carries an influence in it. If a vehicle is made with thought that is contrary to what is required for it to run smoothly, then surely it will show in mechanical failure or bad luck.

In short, there is thought attached to all things prepared either by an individual or by a multitude, and that thought must give and cause the right results.

Our current lifestyles don’t foster a respect or appreciation for the energy and love put into things and we carelessly purchase goods without much thought. There was a time, in both Eastern and Western countries, when people would spend significant amounts of time preparing clothes, incorporating ritual and tradition in the process of creating a garment. Now an article can be easily bought at a cheap shop or even online and many people don’t consider where or by whom it is made: whether it was made begrudgingly or with love and care. If a garment is made with love and care, then the owner will feel supported in their life  while they wear it. This is a powerful communication.

When shopping, hold an item, close your eyes, and trust that instinct. When you have to ask, “should I or shouldn’t I buy this” you know that you are suspicious and the best answer is no. The true value of a thing with the wrong energy is worthless. Things have an energy, a harmonic.

When you buy them, inherit them or receive and give them, you inherit the energy of the giver, the maker the creator of the thing. Be mindful where something has come from.

The same goes for writing an email. In preparing any communication be conscious enough to become thankful. In this state the most accurate message will be conveyed. People say that emails are easy to misinterpret, but I don’t think so. I think people really feel the energy behind an email, careless or loving, appreciation or criticism and it flows through the system and people react.

Words written with living thoughts behind them will have a far greater effect than a thousand pages of dry, well architected literature. This means that what is in your mind while you write, Have you ever “heard” a letter speaking? It is not simply what is written on the paper, a letter brings the person who wrote it to life. You can decipher the mood they were in, their pleasure, their displeasure, their joy and their sorrow. A letter carries the vibration of thought and feeling, as do all forms of communication. And it is this vibration that can again surface long after the words and content of the communication have lost their meaning.

There are written words that emanate the vibration of their authors. Some of these great texts are the Koran, the Bible, the Dharma, the Gita and more. The words in these books express a greater message than the words that are written. It is what is found between the lines that speak to us. The messages will grow and spread into your being and evolve you. They will touch you deep in your core and you will know it.

The power that lies in a book is not only in reading the words but the energy that surrounds them. In New York there is a Library called The JP Morgan Library. It is an awe-inspiring library, filled with hundreds of antique bibles that are stored in racks. The power of the space not only comes from Morgan himself, and how he has created such a mystical, powerful space, but from the books and their own secret energy from thousands of years gone by.

Names have a psychic effect upon their owners and even upon their surroundings. The sacred names of God, the holy names of the prophets and saints, are written according to the law of their numerical value. And by the combination of such names, written or repeated in certain numerical form, wonders are performed.

The meaning of a name has great influence upon its possessor as well as upon others. From the sound of the letter and the word they compose, the mystic can understand much about the fate of a person. For example, vowels play a great part in the name and its influence. “E” and “I” are the feminine qualities of grace, wisdom, beauty and receptivity. “O” and “U” denote masculine qualities of power and expression. “A”, sits between the masculine and feminine, it is the centre, the core around which all spoken words revolve. Thus vowels, in the composition of a name, also have an effect according to their place within the name Their placement serves to create a rhythm and rhythm has a meaning all of it’s own.

Rhythm will also create meaning in the way in which a name begins and how it ends, whether evenly or unevenly. The rhythm of the name suggests the main thing in life balance or its lack thereof. Lack of balance is a deficiency in character, and causes adversity in life.

Many people have changed their lives by changing their names.

For example the Christian name has greater influence than the surname, as the effect of the name is proportional to its frequency of use. Shortened names such as Bill for William will lessen the effect of the name. The names given by the parents have a double effect, that of the name itself and that of the will of the one who gave it. There are many instances where a change of name has brought an entire change to a person’s life.

The effect that a person’s name has on them has a great deal to do with his or her life. The vibration of a name permeates the mind-body connection and sinks deeply into the consciousness. If this is so, then what effect does every word that one speaks in each day of a full lifetime have upon our surroundings and us?

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