Self Critical?

Well I’m going to say that being abundant is your true nature and the lack of it, including feeling like a loser, self critical through comparisons and jealousy are not your true nature. I’m here to help you live in your true nature, so, we’re going to shift any self fulfilling self criticism mindset into your true nature: abundance. Let’s begin:

When you’re single the phone doesn’t ring. When you find a date and start dating, the damn thing rings off the hook. When you’ve got lots of options and you go to the bank for a loan, you’ll get it every time. When you’re desperate with no options you don’t get the loan. When you are selling a product to a client but your books are already full of business, you create a demand for your products. When the books are empty, and you really need the work, you don’t get it. When you walk past 4 coffee shops to buy a coffee, one is empty, two are slightly occupied and the fourth is busy and abundant, which one do you choose?

We are magnetised by abundance. In fact, if you feel abundant it’s a placebo that can even impact your health. Proven over and over, those who feel abundant in wellness get well.

It’s not always easy. Sometimes your partner comes home with a pay rise, or a new friend or a great business trip and you compare your life and feel like a total loser. You lick your wounds and get angry. “Why them, Why not Me?” and the comparison and the anger feeds on itself to make things worse, you add negativity, self depreciation and lack of abundance to your already untenable experience.

Now I present a refinement of your thought process to focus on those thoughts that are productive as a key to creating a better life faster. Thoughts of an turbulent nature create destructive realities (fear, shame, guilt, anger, greed) and thoughts of an abundant nature create constructive realities (love, care, gratitude, kindness, humility).

When you first wake up, what pops into your mind?

Do you start thinking about all the work you have to do? The emails you have to reply to, the pile of paperwork on your desk that has to be completed, or maybe it’s the housework that still needs to get done?


Do you think about the things that make you happy? The kiss your little boy or girl is going to give you before heading out to school, the hug your partner will greet you with when you come home, or the fact that, even though you may not have everything you want, you’re doing just fine?

Albert Einstein once said,

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or a hostile universe.”

Is the world you live in hostile or friendly? How do you look at it? It’s up to you to decide.

Every single day I make that decision.

I wake up and ask myself: “Do I live in a good world or a bad world?”

Whether you view your world as good or bad impacts your attitude as you go about your day. It’s all about abundance and …brings brightness to the eyes, more energy, and happiness.”

It makes you more understanding when things happen that you didn’t necessarily expect.

Someone cuts you off in traffic? It’s okay. At least they didn’t hit you, causing you to be late for your appointment and forcing you to deal with your insurance company, starting the lengthy and often frustrating process of getting your vehicle repaired.

Tourist walking slowly in front of you on the boardwalk at Bondi? Have patience! Take in the sights and smells and enjoy your “extra” time. (I had to add this one to remind myself.)

Your kid cries all night. You can moan and groan about the lack of sleep or you can be thankful and abundant that your child is a) alive b) healthy enough to cry c) near a functional hospital just in case d) exercising their lungs e) in a warm home f) needing you g) not suffering alone h) near electricity for light i) telling you that they’re ill … and this list could go on.

So, you can get pissed about what you haven’t got Eg a good night’s sleep or you can be abundant and super thankful for what you do have.

By starting your day with a conscious decision that the world is abundant, you’re less likely to react in a negative way when things happen that you didn’t plan. You have a little more patience. A little more hope.

Good begets good.

Plus, how you view your day right at its onset also affects how many good things will happen to you as the day progresses.

Susan Reynolds, co-author of Train Your Brain to Get Happy, says that “feeling pleasure can be so stimulating for your brain that it is primed to respond to pleasure in a way that reinforces that pleasure.”

In other words, the more good you search out in this world, the more good you’ll receive in return.

When you wake up and choose (consciously or unconsciously) to live in a “bad” world, you go through your day much differently. You feel frustrated when you wind up behind somebody who’s walking super slowly or if you get stuck in traffic. Standing in line at the store feels like an eternity and everything you do seems ten times harder.

Nothing works out like it should and you’re constantly waiting for things to go wrong (which they usually will) — things that “prove” that the world is a hostile place.

It’s good for you physically, too.

Choosing to think abundantly provides a lot of great health benefits as well.

It reduces your risk of depression, decreases your anxiety, and even makes you more resilient against whatever bug is going around. People who look at the abundant side of life tend to live longer, and they have an easier time coping with the stressors that ordinary life has to offer.

Look, I know it’s really easy to get stuck and stay stuck in minimality, especially with everything going on in the world. You can’t go through your social media feeds without seeing quite a few posts of all of the things that are “wrong.”

But feeling that way keeps you from being abundant. It keeps you from reaching higher levels of success because non abundant thinking has been linked with a reduced ability to think, be creative, and even respond to life in an emotionally healthy way.

If you want to be your own personal best, thinking abundantly, first thing in the morning is the way to get there.

How to start your day more abundantly.

If you’re new to this whole “abundant thinking” thing, here are some tips to help you focus more on the abundance rather than what’s missing:

• Choose words and statements that reflect an abundant attitude: “There’s plenty left for everybody, I will have a lucky day” or “I’m excited about what lies ahead today.”

• Focus on things that make you feel abundant: “I am filled with the love for my children…” or “I love where this project at work is taking me!” or “I’m so glad I have electricity…”

• Appreciate the good and especially the small things in your world: “I’m thankful for my health, the fact that I can pay the bills, and that I have such a wonderful family!” Don’t wait until people are dead to appreciate what they did have rather than what they didn’t.

• Spend more time with abundant people, making it easier to be abundant yourself!

It’s never going to be 100 percent, but if you focus on the abundance of life just a bit more than what’s missing, even though you know the positive and negatives are in balance, you’re making progress. It’s all about baby steps.

So when you wake up tomorrow, ask yourself this question:

“Do I live in an abundant world or a scarcity world?”

And I want you to remember that you have a choice. Do yourself a favour and choose the abundance of life. It will make you happier and healthier.

“When you wake up every day, you have two choices. You can either be thankful or unthankful; an optimist or a pessimist. I choose to be abundant because it covers everything. It’s all a matter of perspective.”

In nature nothing is missing. That’s why people are different in nature. They feel abundant. They feel rich. They feel lucky to be alive. But in the urban life we sometimes forget what we’ve got, and that makes us self diminishing.

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