We can become what is described as living our true nature or we can fight nature, and live with disappointment, self obsession and a pain avoidance model of life which is not your true nature. The choice is absolutely 100% yours.

Whatever your true nature means, the ultimate experience of it is to be in total contentment. This is not bliss. It simply means that you don’t want to change anything, you don’t desire anything to be different, you are totally 100% content with what is on your plate right now.

To be totally content with yourself and your life requires a sense of order in the chaos. If you are of the belief that you are in control of your entire experience of life then you’ll be dancing around like a bird on a hot tin roof. That’s you discarding any religious notion but throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Sure religious fervour is delusional but there is a higher order to life than the one you might think of as yourself as the cause of your life, the “dominant specie.”

Without a sense of soul, or higher order life becomes a game of catch me if you can. You’ll run from one excitement to another in the belief that the more excitement you experience the better you are winning. You’ll win and celebrate because it feels good, You’ll lose and beat yourself up because it feels bad. It’s a game of survival.

Alternatively you can work with the universe, nature and your own soul to learn how to create.

If you choose this path, there are a few major shifts that are essential:

  1. Stop Reacting to pain and pleasure as any signal, notification, sign that you are in the right or wrong place. 50% of people you’ll experience, even meet, are arseholes. The other 50% aren’t. But if you dig deep, the arseholes are beautiful people and the other 50% are arseholes too. Really, the reaction to other people and their pain causing behaviour cannot be taken as anything other than your own incompetence at being able to be wise. Reacting to people based on the experience you feel around them is so not going to cause you to win. Can a surgeon afford to like or dislike a patient? Consider yourself a RealSpirit surrounded by the sounds of life, good and bad, and rather than waste your precious life reacting to people, adjust your glasses and learn to love. It works.
  2. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. It’s habitual. You do a day and in that day you’ll be hammered by bad news and good news. Well whoopee do, big friggin deal. Me too. So too Madonna, Ellen, Hillary, Trump, and your local cat. Everyone has the same experience of life. Some goes your way, some goes the other way. If you’ve gained the habit from parents who rescue you it’s going to be hard to see it but bad news isn’t bad and good news isn’t good. In all the bad news there’s a silver lining and in all the good news there’s manure fertilising the greener grass. Get past the benign notion sold to you that a good day is a feel good experience and a bad day is a feel bad or do bad experience. Life is balanced and there’s never – even on the worst day you ever experienced, good news waiting right there in the exact same moment. It’s a choice to see balance. It’s a bad habit to focus on half truth.
  3. Put your heart into everything you do. I don’t know how to say it differently. But I’ll try. Be excellent at your job even if you “hate it.” Be excellent at being your partner’s lover even if you’re not in love. Be excellent at being a nice guy even if you don’t give a rats. Learn to be excellent at being a parent even if you’d really prefer to be a self obsessed single person chasing pine-colada at the local bar. Come back from wishing you were somewhere else in life and be bloody great at whatever is on your plate. Be great means do a great job of it. It’s not always rewarded, that’s not the point. Effort is everything and it’s where the spirit of life comes alive. Learn perpetually how to do it different. That means be wrong a lot. If you aren’t changing how you do what you do, parent, sex, work, ride, fly, eat… you aren’t being excellent at it. Learn to be wrong, learn to do your best, learn to learn and continually adapt and improve… this is a big learning for those of you who are insecure and afraid of change.

If you are not perfect already then there is no possibility, there is no way that you can become perfect. The whole situation is totally the opposite of searching for approval and proof; you are already that which you want to attain. That is why simple techniques can help. It is not an attainment, but the discovery. It is hidden, and it is hidden in very, very, small things.

Just three shifts.

  1. Don’t react to people, see through the surface and learn to love people.
  2. Stop feeling sorry for yourself – you are a lucky Fkr
  3. Put your heart into everything you do. Learn to let go, learn to learn, Learn to be excellent and then learn to let go of that and be more excellent, and more, and more.

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