Your True Nature

There are only four words you need to remember in order to identify your true nature. Of course it can be tricky living those four.


What you appreciate grows. What you don’t appreciate you lose. Staying humble to the small things with a universal vision is a powerful path to gratitude. One must be careful. Gratitude means no change. Gratitude means “I am thankful for things as they are” no change. If you don’t appreciate life the way that you’ve got it, you won’t get it the way that you want it. This goes for your work, your love, your children. This is a great mobile meditation piece. Walkinspired with gratitude for what you’ve got the way that you’ve got it.


Presence is precious. You achieve presence when you are inspired. Walkinspired means a level of intensity to life that drives us into this present moment to be there. However, we cannot be polarised into the present moment, as some people teach, by radical self gratification, “My Royal I’ness.”
Balanced mind, Centred body, Calm nerves. This is the present moment totally revealed in Walkinspired practice. Balanced, Centred, Calm. It’s how we celebrate life – I’tox ourselves and practice Walkachi all day every day.


What can you be certain of? You can be certain that you are impermanent, that everything is changing. You know that everything is evolving at the border of chaos and order. Nothing you can do to change those two things. If you run from chaos (challenge) you run into it. If you try not to change, you get changed upon. Nothing affects the child more than the unlived life of the parent. If you don’t change, your children, partner and friends become or express what you repress. One way or another, you’ll find certainty in these universal laws. 1. Balance 2. Harmony 3. Interconnectedness 4. Rhythm 5. Organisation (one and the many).


Inside every human being on earth there is love. Then there are thoughts and actions that are not love. Creating a connection to this inner-self, innerwealth, brings that love to the surface. It is wise to love life not just a person. The person who loves and person and hates life does not know love, they know only infatuation that will lead to resentment. Walkinspired, everyday mobile meditation is love expressed. It is more than love for a person or persons, it is a love for life, big and small. Seven areas of life, seven areas of love for life. This is Walkinspired, mobile meditation’s cream on the cake.

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