Ugliness is not only an internal experience it is also recognised externally. If we feel ugly we become ugly. Ugliness transmits through the senses. Your true nature is beautiful so feeling ugly is never truth. It’s just your identity having a fight with your soul.

Everything is deemed beautiful when its parts are felt to be authentic. Things in the world are called beautiful when they act in conformity with their true nature; everything returns to a certain known, acting according to its own nature. If you act according to your own nature then there is undoubtedly a beauty in that. That is your true nature and the true nature of others. A violent human being is not acting in accord with their true nature when they take advantage of others. We see ugliness everyday. We recognise it when we see a suicide bomber in the news or whole nations fighting against each other’s religion. We see it in street protests and gangs and we see it in road rage. We cannot meditate ugliness away.

If beauty exists then ugliness must exist. This is the confusion of life. People try to be uni-polar which is a contradiction. A pole is automatically generating its opposite. A peaceful person is repressing their war-fulness and therefore causing someone else to express it. Often a parent who is obsessed with anti bullying, anti violence and liberal parenting either breeds the bully or attracts it to their child in the school yard.

This is not morals and ethics or religion which bans the pole we hate. Religion or morals and ethics may ban war-fulness or ugliness in behaviour. The whole notion is perfect as an attempt to exempt us all from the dark side we fear. But that is not really going to work. Never has, never will. Prohibition does not eliminate, it promotes. The illegality of drugs gives us a false sense of safety, but causes the largest industry on earth to operate and feed the darks side trillions of dollars, instead of disabling the opposite pole, prohibition, enables it.

Mass consciousness sits on one side of an argument and therefore believes democracy to be a viable political process. Of course with transparent marketing and advertising, with social media revealing that both sides are equally flawed and equally beneficial, hung parliaments are the status quo in 9/10 democracies on earth. Minority parties with highly unrepresentative views become the balance of power and therefore, as with the mass consciousness proposition, the minority rules. It’s a complex system. All driven by the notion of equity through the bias toward one pole of thinking and the elimination of the opposite pole. An argument with nature, creation and universe.

Although there is only one form of ugly, there are two forms of beauty. On the one hand there is the beauty we define as the opposite to ugly. A beautiful person might be defined as beautiful because they look great. Of course, such a polarised proposition means we are blinded to the ugly in that person, we think, because they look great or talk great, the opposite has been wiped from existence. Relationship failures and emotional pain in love tell us otherwise.

Then there is another beauty. A singular beauty which has no opposite. In Zen this singular beauty is called “Is” – it just is. This beauty is not good beauty or better beauty, or polarised comparative beauty. This is unconditional love and it is beauty, and or love without the emotional flair.

For example: you do not love your family as much as you say you do. If you were to describe how much you love your family then there are two components, the first is unconditional and this sits around the half way mark of the love you feel. Then there is the emotional polarity of love, that, as long as family do what you hope they do, you feel more love and therefore feel engorged with happiness and energy. This is the second 50% of love for family.

When someone leaves you, or is taken from you, the first half of love remains forever. The second half, the emotional polarity leaves, and we call this leaving experience, grief. For the unconditional love does not ever come and go, it is always there. But the emotional polarity of religious and morals and ethics, the feel good component of love and beauty, it leaves, just as if that family member had spat in your face. That is the obvious struggle of mass consciousness. The fear of the opposite, the other side.

So, to handle ugly we can see two levels. One, is to recognise that at some “unconditional level” our beauty, or connection to the universe is beyond reproach or judgement and therefore is not at risk of being polarised into ugly or not. It’s is, what I love to call, your “ground zero.” And you can back your life on it. You can love another wholeheartedly with it. It does not feel as exuberant or energetic or attractive or gushing as the “emotional polarity” of love, but it is never in debate, alive, dead, with you or separated, that love isn’t a debate. On the other hand, emotional polarity comes and goes like the wind in summer, hot one day, freezing the next.

Beauty is therefore an expression of recognition.

If we recognise this unconditional component of our own beauty, that part that is connected to the universe, our soul, within us, we will recognise this element in others. We will recognise it even in the worst and most “emotionally polarised” ugly person, we will recognise in them what we recognise in ourselves, unconditional beauty. A soul connected to the universe. A human being with a soul. And at this level we are connected to all humanity, past, present and future. We are a part of a soup from which all beings extract, borrow and return.

But we also recognise the “emotional polarity” in others that we recognise in ourselves. This is called attraction and repulsion and this feeling, this polarised emotion, can override any sense of the soul, and turn everything into an emotional turmoil in which chaos and order wrestle for supremacy. We are, in this instance, like a yacht in the wind, blowing where the wind takes us, with no central steering, no course to tack along. We blow emotionally from attraction to repulsion, from comfort to discomfort, from like to dislike, from elation to depression. This is why “Walkachi” tapping into your soul connection with nature, universe and inner stillness is essential 3-4 times a day.

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