Identity determines what other people think about us. Our identity is what they identify us by. What we wear, speak, act and emote causes our identity. The longer someone knows us the more elements they include in our identity. For example when you just meet someone you form an instantaneous opinion. That’s their identity triggering a memory in you and causing you to categorise them. After six months working together your opinion may change because you learn more about them or because they might change their identity.

Your identity is not a component of your true nature. You can change your identity. In fact your identity must change otherwise you’ll find yourself stuck. You can change your identity but you can’t change your true nature. That simply means, you can display certain qualities to the world to make the world see you differently, but you can’t change the qualities inside yourself. Simply, you can change the character you choose to act in the play but you are still you, no matter what character you play.

Everyone has every human trait. Nothing is missing in you or me. We’re all the good and all the bad. So, it’s not possible to be different. It’s only possible to act different. Sometimes this act feels real. Like when we become Buddhist or Christian or something that advocates certain qualities as being exactly what the faith stands for. You can act those qualities, but you can’t eliminate their opposite. You are all qualities.

Now if you like one quality a whole lot, you may dislike the opposite of that quality a whole lot and this begins to become a problem. Instead of acting a quality as part of your identity you might really think you don’t have the opposite. For example you might display “peacefulness” and therefore think, inadvertently, that you have no war-fulness inside you. This is a big corruption and totally going to cause some major hassles in your life. What you judge e.g. war-fulness, you breed in your children, attract in your partner or become. Hence when someone says that you are every trait, you might protest and claim to be “just what your faith told you to be’ but this is really unwise. It’s smarter to accept you have both sides, value both sides equally and therefore choose how you express both sides instead of becoming a half person.

The more you know yourself the more qualities you’ll recognise in yourself as both good and bad. The way we get to know ourselves is to see that what we judge in others, is just the part of ourselves we judge in ourselves. If I judge the lazy person, I judge the lazy me, because everyone has every trait, including lazy, I have it as much as anyone I meet.

It’s a great way to stay soul guided. To continually be able to have a growing, changing and adapting identity. Fixed identity means illness. Adapting, changing and growing identity means health. It’s really your choice to go with it, or have it shoved down your throat. Ultimately there is no choice to do it.

There are three levels of identity. Body, Mind and Spirit.

Some people identify with the spirit in which case they have lots of inspiration but no money. Other people identify with the body so they have lots of wealth but no spirit. Others identify with the mind, meaning that, their association with like minded groups such as religions and communities becomes their identify, this is mediocrity.

There’s a way to sort this and we cover it during the BacK on Track 30 Day Challenge.

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