Can’t sleep? That’s not your true nature is it? I mean, if you went on holiday out in the bush and chopped wood or dug the garden all day, you’d sleep. So, sleeplessness is a mental and a physical thing isn’t it. If you do too much thinking all day and not enough exercise, you’ll be wide awake all night. If you do too much exercise but not enough thinking you’ll be wide awake all night.

So, really, if you’re having trouble sleeping, step one is to get some more exercise. Walk more, swim more, play harder and go to the gym.

If that doesn’t resolve the issue, you know that you’re not using your mind right.

To understand how to use your mind right, you’ll need to understand that a silent communication exists between people. Every thought that has crossed your mind, every feeling that passes through your heart, every word that is spoken during the day and perhaps never thought of again, and every action once committed and forgotten, is given a place in your sleep agenda. So, the key to good sleep can be summarised in “think better” during the day.

Nastiness is not your true nature. But if you feel that you are required to be an ass all day then that’s going to affect your sleep. Dark and mischievious thoughts continue to live on afterward and into the night. Once given birth to, every thought, word, action or feeling takes on a life of its own. When we express a thought, the action takes only a moment, but the resonance lasts forever, or at least until we can sleep on it.

Sleep reminds me of a little pebble thrown into the sea. A small dark thought can stir the water, and it’s hard to comprehend the extent to which that ripple reverbarates in your body. Even a great ocean is influenced by a single stone. We may not be conscious of it, but a single nasty thought, given the right conditions, has the potential to build into a huge tidal wave within our consciousness and ultimatly keep us awake. What we can see are only the tiny immediate circles that the thought produces, but the vibration, which it produces in the sea, reaches much further than we can ever imagine.

Our thoughts affect everything and so we have a responsibility not only to the quality of our sleep but to the sleep quality of those around us.. What we contribute to poeple is not limited by the words we speak, it extends to the thoughts, feelings and the visions that we hold about them. 

Mental disharmony during the day is reflected in poor sleep.What you need is contentment. This is an easy word but for some it’s as illusive as a mosquito at night. Contentment however is available for everyone and it is more than satisfaction. Satisfaction is temporary, but contentment is permanent. If you are content, and you go to work content, and come home content, you will multiply your wealth and health ten fold. Mental harmony does not come from thinking the right things. It comes from how you think about everything.

In nature, your nature, there is contentment and in the personal ego, there is discontent. The best idea to practice contentment is to go into nature and absorb the diversity – recognise that nothing is missing. Even in a flood we can be thankful. Do this and sleep will be very deep.

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