Feeling Lost?

Your vision is your power. You lose your vision, you lose your power. If you lose your power then you start to live someone elses vision. Then, only synthetic energy can save you and the problem with synthetic energy is that it’s 100% dualistic. The more up you get from it the more down you get from it.

If you are feeling lost just know that this is not your true nature. Your true nature is not lost – it is visionary.

I have worked with hundreds of people who are addicted to synthetic energy and their addictions are 100% based on lost vision.

The four synthetic sources of energy are:

  1. Food and substance including alcohol, sugar and drugs
  2. Greed .. mainly in the form of dominance, control, fear and aggression
  3.  Sexuality … the dire need for affection from others in order to feel good about one self.
  4. Spirituality … the obsession with superiority, being separate and more pure than the great unwashed (the rest of us).

All those synthetic sources of energy are provided by nature for desperate people whose natural energy source, their vision, has evapourated.

If you always do what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you’ve always got… so doing your vision can become a little like groundhog day. Let’s therefore refresh your memory about what doing your vision is all about.

  1. Your vision is not real. Your vision is your imagination and it does not have to be based on what you can consider possible. If you consider your vision possible then it is a goal, which is something different to a vision.
  2. Your visions are fail and fool proof. One does not go around bragging about visons. It is wise to keep a journal about them and maybe secretly share one or two with your partner or kids.
  3. Your visions change but they are cumulative. We never let go of a vision. We add new visions on top of old visions, but old visions live on and have a life of their own.
  4. The more you can envision – visualise your visions, the more likely they are to manifest. Einstein said that he wished he could hold just one vision for more than 30 seconds because he was sure it would manifest right there in front of him.
  5. See it before you believe it. People are really hurtful to themselves. They say “if I can’t touch it, taste it, smell it, eat it or bank it, then it isn’t real. That’s sad… it is not your true nature. Be aware of the dark side of city life here.
  6. Your visions need maintenance. I tend to make pictures, from the internet and put them in my vision journal. I love my vision journal. I believe it plugs me into the universe and so I scan it 3-4 times a day just trying to visualise myself in the vision.
  7. Visioning something is not passive. You have to be in a very present, very lucky, very powerful state of mind when you do your visioning exercise. Imagine yourself on the stage of the world’s heaviest weight lifting stage and you are about to lift the world record. Just before you grab the bar… that’s your vision mindset.
  8. Visioning is done in nature. Now this is not important except you will never find a good visioning indoors. But it is not important because if you are outdoors and not feeling your own true nature then nature is just making the simple complex. Outdoors, imagine that you are 1,000km from anyone, that there is no electricity, light, food, warmth, and you are totally responsible for your survival out in nature for the next three years. This is what is meant by connected to nature. You become dependent and aware of the gift of nature.
  9. Do it alone… two people doing vision in the same square meter will comlicate the simplicity of their energy. Just be alone when you do this… especially at work.


Hope this has helped – with a vision – you can never be lost.

With Spirit



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