No Life?


Your true nature has a life. It’s a life of challenge and support. Your true nature doesn’t have false hopes or dreams of a nirvana, that’s crazy talk. You might find nirvana in the first ten minutes of a relationship because your chemistry goes nuts but eventually that chemistry will return to normal and you’ll just have to deal with life again.

No life is a time where there’s not enough excitement to fill the day and so, with some reluctance we flick on the TV and get lost from early afternoon until way past midnight. This is really, really lost.

Where are the dirtiest places in the world? They are where people have the most spare time? Unemployed, no work, dirty places, all go hand in hand because they are all associated with people who have no life.

You see, when we work on things that are important to us, we raise our self worth and when we work on things that are important to others we lower our self worth. And when we do neither, our worth plumetts.

Keep busy – go visit friends, join lunch groups, get busy doing anything.

My friends at PAPERMOON Came up with this wonderful questionaire about self brand. You may enjoy filling it out and, if you’re keen to get branding work done, there’s none better that I know of.

Here’s their StorytimeDec15 Download

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