Lost Libido

You have values. Other people have values. We all have values. When you live someone else’s values, your libido goes down.

Seeking approval, following a trend, getting caught in a fashion, buying into a belief at work, reacting to someone elses ideas. This, amongst many others set us up to lose libido.

Libido is your true nature. If you lived 1,000km from anyone, just you and your mate, no electricity, no gas, no hot water, no internet… you’d be milking the goat and collecting the eggs, putting chook poo on the strawberries. And you’d be as horny as a rattle snake.

So, lost libido is a city thing. It’s about ego being crushed until it bleeds but don’t blame people for it. 100% of ego crushing comes from self. It comes from listening to someone else’s “should” or “shouldn’t” – that’s where libido goes.

I’ve worked with lots of men and women who lost their libido and needed all sorts of chemcials to cause what nature does automatically and it’s all about getting sidetracked.

When we buy someone else’s ideas about what we should or shouldn’t do, our libido dies. It’s a sort of dishonesty with self. If we can’t be honest with self, we can’t be honest with others and the first person we make contact with in the day is ourselves. Our values are real. They are not fake. They exist whether we’re naked in a pool or on top of Mt Everest or in the boardroom. When we do one thing (action) and our values say do another, it’s libido that suffers.




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