Being REAL


There’s a lot of synthetic life. There’s tricks in management and marketing. There’s games in relationships and in religious preaching. I’m here to stand up for REAL.

Being REAL is good. It’s uncomplicated. It heals broken hearts and powers you up around people who would rather play games than be authentic. Being REAL means past your EGO as the driver of your choices.

REAL means that meditation is done on the move. If you can’t feel the spirit of the day, what good is there feeling it sitting on a cussion? It’ll only weaken you.

Looking after people. Caring about stuff like nature and environment and doing something that makes a difference. This is REAL. It’s not about whether you shave your armpits or wear shoes or not. REAL means you live with fire in your belly, a love for life and nature and don’t get co-dependent on your partner. REAL means doing what you love and getting paid a fortune for it.

REAL also means REAL expectations. If your expectations are REAL then life is never dissapointing. REAL expectations means that:

  1. Nobody treats you better or worse than you do
  2. Nothing of the senses satisfies the soul
  3. Not everybody agrees or can
  4. Peace is the counterbalance to war and visa versa.
  5. Good living means support and challenge.
  6. The size of your vision determines the size of your life
  7. A purpose greater than you is the best medicine for all pain

There’s more, but this is enough for now.


With Spirit



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