Are You Being the Best Version of You?

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If you’re thinking about changing your life, consider doing a month of mind clearing first.

Each day for the next 30 odd days, and hopefully the rest of your life, you are going to ask yourself this question

“Am I being the best me?”

Nature asks this question of herself everyday. She’s striving for sunlight, she’s seeking balance, she’s growing. If that is nature’s modus operandi, then, let’s make it yours too.

So, if the answer is yes, you’ll sleep well, make money, be sexy, win at sport, be in love, have health, feel great and change something important about the world around you.

If the answer is no, you’ll have work to do.

The work you’ll have to do is not bandage or repair. That’d be too simple. And faulty.

The work you will have to do is to go around this model and ask “how can I improve e my best in this area?

Now this improvement is called “the GAP” and it’s in your awareness from the time you wake till the time you sleep. When the GAP is big it gets bigger because that’s the sort of expectation we place on ourselves. If we operate at the low end of the GAP, we beat ourselves up. In other words if you say “I’m operating at a level that is below the best me” then you’ll kick your own arse, and subsequently the world will follow your lead. If, on the other hand your answer is an honest, no bs, yes. Then you’ll have a think we’ll call power, and we’ll spend a lot of time talking about that as the programme progresses because believe it or not. that’s why you’re here, Power.

If you answer no to the question “am I being the best me today?” you’ll not have power. Hence the world won’t give it to you in the form of success, loyalty, leadership, health, energy, youthfulness, love, friendship, kindness, generosity.

So, over the next 30 days you will learn your options for “filling the gap” and turning no, I am not operating at my best, to a resounding yes.”

There are only three points at which you can address the NO answer.

  1. Me, Myself and I
  2. Others, Themselves and their Response to your wishes
  3. Environment

Here is a link on Soundcloud that explains it.

AND Another Link on Soundcloud

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