Four Energy Keys

Walkachi is a fast, safe, powerful practice that manages your energy. That energy, most of which is universal, is free, unlimited, a weapon and a healer. Sometimes we get too much of it and don’t know what to do with it. We need a bigger vision. Sometimes we get too little of it and need to learn how to tap more of it. Either way, one great key to life is learning how to build, store, stop the loss of and directing energy. This is Walkachi.





Nothing comes from you it only comes through you. That means to build our energy we need to open up to let it come through us. That takes a Significant amount of belief that universal energy exists and if you can tap into it. So a significant piece of the training for building Energy is practising and experiencing these universal forces.


The vast majority of people dissipate energy as fast as they accumulate it. They eat, Exercise, breathe deep, and generally do the right things to build energy but they can’t store it and therefore either waste it all over use it on the wrong things. Learning how to store energy is a critical part of the puzzle of life.


If you could list all the ailments that plague our society such as depression, violence, anxiety, greed and stress you would find the same list as we use to define those elements of life that cause energy wastage. Plugging the gaps is really important. These are decisions one makes.


Enormous volumes of literature can be condensed into just a few sentences when we understand the principles of directing energy. There are those people who scatter their energy like they were feeding chickens with seeds and wonder why at the end of the year nothing has changed. There are others who direct their energy into just one thing and they achieve success with a huge cost to any other aspect of life. And then there is the balanced individual who directs their energy into a sequence of priorities. This ability is simply a matter of understanding and vision, Inspiration and purpose.

Published by Chris Walker

Uniquely Australian, highly intuitive and inspired, Chris Walker is on the forefront of radical personal development and change that inspires people to find purpose and to live in harmony with the Laws of Nature. His methods are dynamic, and direct. His work is gifted, heart-opening and inspirational. The process Chris embraces can be confrontational, but if you are prepared to “step out” the personal power that this knowledge gives you is without doubt life changing and truly inspiring. Chris’s purpose is to open hearts and to stop the hurt. His work comes from his heart and is a truly magnificent gift for anyone ready to receive it. Chris shows people how to bring spirit into their life and keep it there. His sensitivity and empathy to others is his gift. The most powerful thing that we can do with our lives is to be on purpose, and live with the knowledge of spirit. Chris helps you discover this, that which is already yours, and through his work, you will find the courage and love to honour your-self and follow your heart. Chris brings his work to individuals and businesses. He believes for business success, you first need to create personal success, and this happens when your business and the people within it are on purpose. Chris Walker is an author, a speaker and a truly inspirational individual who has been fortunate enough in this life to find and live his truth.

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