Stop the spin

Have you experience days when your head goes faster than your feet or when all the fun, happiness and reason for working so hard seem to evaporate? If so, you are experiencing just some of the overwhelming consequences of Spin – days when your head is going too fast even to slow down for a break.

Add to this, sleepless nights, worry, anxiety and you’ll be starting to understand the huge cost of Spin in the world today. Translating this Spin into our relationships and it’s easy to understand why people struggle to stay happy at home.

This report will help you 110% STOP that spin, anywhere, anytime.!
Spin causes pain. It affects our ability to love, to concentrate, to laugh and it infects those around us so, getting it under control will make a huge difference.

Some people stop spin by slowing down, backing off and becoming moderated in their work and life. They end up addicted to escapism which, because it’s boring, defeats the very purpose of life. Slowing down, as you will see in this report causes an acceleration of Spin.

Others use one of the four substitutes to stop the spin: Food (including alcohol and substances), Greed, Sex and Spirituality. Those in turn can easily become addictive and have significant side effects of their own.

And yet again, other people sell up, change their life and go sit under a coconut tree.

Those are just some of the radical choices people mistakenly pursue in order to “Calm their Mind.” They don’t work.

This report will demonstrate simple everyday techniques that will help you stop stressful thinking, 110% anytime, anywhere.

These techniques are simple but they are not simplistic. They are the aggregation of 35 years of my experience studying Zen, Yoga, Business Management, sport and human development.

We’re so confident that they’ll work that we put the Walker Guarantee on it. If you’re not happy after you’ve tried the techniques, then you get to keep the book and get a 100% refund. No Questions asked.

When you make the commitment to learn how to Stop 110%, you are going to eliminate so much distraction, clear up so many confusions and the great thing is, you don’t have to compromise your work or relationship to achieve it. These techniques are not “sit in a cave” escapes, nor do they require a whole weekend of relaxation to achieve. When you learn how to 110% STOP – you learn mastery of instant recovery, instant inner peace, instant peace of mind. And that leads to a life inspired.

By learning to 110% STOP you’re going to cut through myths that keep people chasing their tails, you’ll generate new ideas, slice through intellectual mind stuff that accumulates in our ego as part of a busy business life. 110% STOP is about authentic ways to live a balanced, happy life.

We will show you the skills to sustain a good attitude even if those people around you are spinning. So this is not just about your current circumstances and how to maintain a great healthy relationship, but also about how to deal with parents, ex-partners, friends and work stuff that, in any way might be affecting your performance in life right now.

This book is written for anybody who wants the best out of life. Spin drops the quality of life, quality of relationship and quality of work down and down until, at rock bottom it can become survival. We’re going to make sure that never happens again.

Learning to 110% Stop is a fight against mediocrity. Nobody wants mediocre. A mediocre job, a mediocre relationship, mediocre health – it’s so depressing just mentioning it. So, if you are like us, you’ll want to enjoy life – take charge of your experience in life – and like a great skier, if you don’t know how to 110% Stop you can’t begin to 110% Go.

Backing off is not the answer. The opposite to happiness is not sadness, it’s boredom. Pulling back from excess risk might be great but pulling back from inspiration and joy in life, that’s a death sentence, a choice that can easily sabotage our whole life. So, 110% STOP is not a process for moderation. It’s a process to allow full immersion in life and, instantaneously, full extraction.!
You see, it’s easy to start a relationship. We fall in love and that’s that. But what if we can’t get back to that “fall in love” experience? Are those first moments, those first months, the best we will have? Well, if we don’t know how to 110% STOP, the answer is yes. It’s only when we STOP that we really do connect in Love to our partner.

It’s easy to start a business. We get a genius idea, we register, borrow money and there it is, but can we keep the inspiration alive? Are those first months the happiest we’ll be and will the rest of our work days be one grind in survival to the next? The answer is yes if we don’t know how to 110% STOP. Because inspiration comes only when we STOP the Spin.

There are many techniques sold for peace of mind and if you have 20 years to practice and master them, then they’re fantastic. You may have to give up your business, relationship and inspiration to achieve great things, but that would be a small price to pay. Right?

Wrong. There’s no need to become a hippie, or a radical cave dwelling meditator to learn the skills those amazing techniques offer. All we need to do is extract the pure essence of body control, mind control and inspiration and package them into a few hours of learning and you’ll have the result without the years of lamenting.

Who has the time to wait? We certainly didn’t. As entrepreneurs, we found we needed upgraded skills every single day, not next week, now.

Twenty years ago, my partner said to me, “Chris, you are out of balance.” So, I took three weeks off work, went on an amazing -expensive and luxurious holiday – when we got back, she was so impressed with my new found happiness, we fell in love all over again.

Three days after we got back and I was back at work, that balance was gone and my partner said to me, “that didn’t last long.” I didn’t have another three weeks spare nor the cash to do another holiday just so, after a few days, I’d be spinning again.

So, I made it a mission to find techniques to drill down and get the benefits of those beautiful holidays whenever I chose, without the holiday, the three weeks or the cost. I achieved it, and now I still take three weeks holiday, but not to find balance instead those holidays celebrate life.

We take people to Nepal Himalayas to do vision quest. It takes 10 days to walk up and back to those magnificent mountains, and for most people it takes three of those days just to stop spinning. We teach these simple techniques contained in this book so that, when the time comes, each person can do their vision quest, tap into their inspired vision.

But you don’t need to go to Nepal. We’ve included all the skills you need right here.

We’re not going to pretend this is easy, or that it solves all life’s problems or that it guarantees bliss for eternity. That’s our other book (joking). But we do know that stopping the Spin puts a whole new perspective on work and life. It raises the bar on life because knowing how to 110% Stop, you’ll have more confidence.

We’re not making wild, guru like promises of life transformation that make you hyperventilate with excitement to turn the next and the next page. I am Australian, and we’re a little more inclined to understatement than grand promises. However, I do want to be real when I say that by cutting out the spin 99% of the “hoo ha” of work life balance will resolve itself. You’ll see a remarkable change.

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