I take groups and individuals to Nepal’s Himalayas. I can help you go there on your own or I can take you or a group and teach you great stuff along the way.

My teaching involves:

  • Wellness
  • Meditation
  • Spiritual stuff (metaphysics
  • Yoga

I also run corporate programs including the Young Leaders of the Future Programme:

Here are the details.

Here are some great views of where we hold the Himalayan Corporate Retreats – Camp De Base Namche  – Launch pad to Gokyo Re, Everest Base Camp, Kalapatar, Ama Dablam Base Camp and Island Peak. It’s just 48 hours away from wherever you live in the world, 3499 meters into the Himalayas, and with all the best comforts of home. From here, the mountains are at your feet and the magnificent inspiration of the Himalayas is available to all Business People who are looking for a really seriously powerful leadership development programme meeting Sherpa Mountaineers who have summited Mt Everest more than 10 times, Buddhist monks who can outplay you in soccer, volleyball and melt snow on their shoulders. And me, Chris Walker who can bring all this home with you, applied and ready for action in work and life. There are no half hearted success stories and that’s why we choose Nepal, Himalayas, Camp De Base Namche <>, Sherpa culture and the power of the Himalayas for your real, personal and business growth.

Himalayan Corporate Retreat Centre

Do it alone

Chris takes individuals on their own, personal vision search, touching the soul journeys up into the mountains of Nepal. You choose the intensity, duration and content of the trip but you’re guaranteed to meet monks, sit with Sherpa families and explore places few people see.

Do it in a group

Chris takes small groups of individuals, exec’s and entrepreneurs up into the mountains to explore, wonder and be inspired. It’s like a trek with a life coach by your side

Contact Chris for more info

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