Your Everest

When executives walk with me up the well worn path to the base of Mt Everest conversations diminish to short exclamations. Introspection takes over from verbalisation. The visual takes over from the cerebral. And suddenly people begin to feel what they’ve been missing.

Once the mountains are in view there’s a calm that depends over us. It’s not there to be explained. If you don’t visit you probably don’t need to understand it and if you do visit, understanding is irrelevant.

I haven’t been back to Nepal since my spine injury and surgery. At least not in that form of me being there. But I’ve been back everyday through photos and friends and arranging trips for people. I still feel the awe.

With the physio, bike riding and swimming i hope to be back with a group in 2016. But if I’m not, I will, as I did this year, certainly be helping others get up and experience that introspective magic.