Paris November Friday 13th 2015

Dear Friends,

Our world has yet again experienced the dark side of humanity. The sophistication with which people of no humanity can penetrate the innocent world is astounding. We are left in deep shock that anyone can do such a thing and inflict so much pain with so little regard for life all in the name of a God that they feel validates their game.

We send our love to Paris. To the families and friends of those lost and hurt. We do not drop into the base these people come from by meeting their act with anger. Nor do we win my blaming their brothers and sisters. This is not a resolution.

To solve this problem we must find the leaders who masterminded these acts. Those cowards send naive and angry mentally disturbed people to do their work. Those leaders are not as dumb as those they lead. They are strategists, they are sophisticated in manipulating lost minds. These are the ones we must find and stop.

As it was in the Lindt Cafe attack in Australia, authorities know who the leaders are and because our laws are not yet designed to deal with these criminals, they are free to recruit and seduce. In our society there will always be a vulnerable group and those criminals will always provide a ideology that punishes the establishment.

Please my friends, don’t be angry, don’t drop into fear, support those who are doing their utmost to protect us from these thugs who recruit mentally vulnerable youth. Encourage your government to change the law and address the real criminals, the radical leaders who mastermind hate in a very sophisticated campaign against love.

Chris Walker