Is it time to lift your game

Are you overweight? Feeling tired? Are you struggling to get up in the morning? Drinking a bit more than normal? Is exercise a chore and is TV becoming more interesting? Have you spent the last week writing a book that only your existing customers will read? How many times a week are you feeling like and having sex? Is it decreasing? The warning signs of lost charisma – mojo and or libido, are important signs from nature. They tell you that your leadership is failing and soon some aspects of your life might begin to rattle a bit. So, if the answer to any of the above is yes, maybe it’s time to raise the bar and lift your game.

Focussing on the problems will not fix the cause. Losing weight won’t lift your game and get your early morning to be what you’d love. Stopping watching TV doesn’t solve the need for it. Having more sex doesn’t fix the cause of it decreasing. You need to look a little deeper than that to “really lift your game” which is what nature and the universe is asking you to do.

Warning signs are just that. They are not problems to be fixed.

The warning is that your target has become blurry.

A blurry target makes life shrink to the now. When people don’t know where they are going they often invent that destination based on what people think, what’s low hanging fruit, what’s on the table at the church or place of worship. But those solutions are invented. They do not solve the problem. Look how many obese people go to church. It doesn’t solve the problem it just changes the focus.

When you stand up and say “it’s time to lift my game” there is only one topic you need to address.

And that is “where was I going and why have I given up on it?”

The human spirit is the future. When we have a clear target, one that is both internally (intrinsic) and externally driven, we don’t have problems with weight, or sex, or TV because with a clear and compelling target we are liberated from our own self imprisoning doubts.

Doubt is hell. Doubt is necessary. Doubt is self sabotaging. Doubt is important for development. Doubt can wreck or make a life.

Doubt is a gift from nature. But if you hold onto that gift for too long it becomes poison. Each day, ask yourself “what are my doubts?” and then “let my doubts be cleared” – my follow and let those doubts go as easily as they come.

Helping people through doubt has been my life obsession. I’ve seen children suicide because of it. I’ve also seen amazing success result from it. I’ve seen relationships fail because of it. And I’ve seen people “lift their game” as a result of doubt.

Today – ask yourself “what are my doubts?” This alone will table a huge platform of self hindering thoughts. Don’t be angry with doubts. Treat them like an inner child. A fearful child. Don’t blaze on into the fire with a child in fear. Ask them what can be done to avert their doubts. Follow that road. You’ll achieve what you want in a tenth the time with a 20th of the effort.

Let your doubts be cleared. let them come through you. Hear them and negotiate with your inner self to avert those doubts. If you doubt you’ll build the business you hope for, seek professional business help. If you have no doubt, seek a psychiatrists help because you need it. Doubt is as important to success and happiness as clarity is.