Chris Walker has spent the last 20 years of his life translating the universal Laws of Nature into everyday language. His mission is global change through personal change. Chris believes that most human problems relating to love, life and relationship come when we are out of tune. “However” explains Walker “when we live according to natures laws, we are in harmony with our authenticity, we are living true to our nature.” The result, according to Chris Walker is happiness.

Chris Walker’s mastery of these universal laws is revealed through the simplicity of them, He shares these five wonderful principles to children as young as 10. According to Chris Walker, they are easier to teach than the adults. Asked why he says “because they don’t know anything already to compete with an idea, their ego is not hardened into beliefs and fixations with ideas, ideals and intellectual process. They simply get it, and the wonderful part of it is, 10 years later, they still know it. They never forget because it’s nature, it’s natural. Its about appreciating life, seeing the world as a beautiful loving place in which we all fit comfortably.”

Walker has applied these laws of nature to corporate environments throughout Canada. This includes the Federal Government of Canada. I asked him why American corporations were less willing to try it. “look, don’t blame American corporations for not being as open minded as Canadians. Canada is a place where social welfare and human rights are a way of life. Canadians are exceptional people. But even in Australia I get resistance from Corporations. I did a retreat with a top five accounting firm and got a walk out. They were upset because I said there’s a balance in everything. That contradicts the idea that we can be good social citizens without someone seeing us as doing bad. They couldn’t deal with the truth. Especially the fundamentalist  people.  I am not interested in teaching about being right. I am interested in people loving life, loving themselves, loving others. And as I said, If you can’t do it all day, don’t do it at all.

Walker’s background is as mysterious as the man himself. He’s now 60+ and still takes five or 6 private groups of people who book him exclusively to take them up some of the highest trekking routes in the world. His passion is nature and Walker loves the Himalayas. But that’s a far cry from where he started. Walker was born in Tasmania and after his mothers death when he was just three years old moved to the Australian Outback and grew up in the remote desert towns of hot dusty Australia. It was here that Walker found his bond with the earth, and the aboriginals of his country town became his favourite people.

“There was the turning point” Walker claims. “I threw in the towel with the business world, went back to University and did an MBA. I then went to India, to Japan, to the USA, Canada, and eventually Nepal, looking at the different ways people define Authentic spirituality. I was searching for something that wasn’t another philosophy. In the end it was nature that gave me the clue. I saw humanity, I saw nature and I saw where suffering existed is where people have lost touch with what nature used to teach us. So this became my mantra”

Walker continues “We all can’t live in the bush, or be in the mountains everyday, we have families and mortgages, but we can know the laws of nature, that’s how you bring nature to the boardroom of some 120 story concrete and steel building. You simply know the laws of nature and obey them in making choices. And the same in the bedroom. No relationship survives if a couple denies the laws of nature, nature will just not have it. Natures laws control every molecule and every star, so nothing in between escapes. Even if you want it to.

Chris Walker runs retreats in Nepal, Bhutan and presents keynote addresses throughout the world on the theme of spirituality and authenticity. His one day personal sessions replaced his workshops, preferring to deal with real context learning Walker does one to one sessions in nature within city limits.