Stop Trying To Avoid Stress or Finding Balance

Why do athletes choke in the final of a race after performing well in heats?

Why do good people become stupid people in relationships?

Why do people who get addicted to yoga get more sick than others?

Why do some people with high stress live longer?

I advise my students to do three key things about stress:

  1. Cause it through exercise rather than let it find you randomly off guard
  2. Evolve from it rather than avoid it.
  3. Balance life at the border of support and challenge hourly (support is calm, challenge is stress) rather than daily or weekly.

The bottom line for me is that without stress you die. Without the demand for absorbtion of knowledge you will stay complacent. Without a coach, mentor or a business partner/boss/board you will develop the Peter principle (rise to your own incompetence) Stress is therefore good.

Those who seek yoga, meditation or any other form of brain sedation are trying to produce some sort of counteractive hormone to stress. This is not a good thing because it makes stress bad and nobody can describe the results of making stress bad, better than this video.

This video, is worth a watch.