Life is short. Life is beautiful and life is hard sometimes. Navigating this life can be interesting. Love,  business, success, health, failure, heartbreak.. and more… it’s all a part of the journey and there’s no avoiding it.

When I walked through the Himalayas of Nepal, for the 30th-40th then 50th time, a clarity started to come to me about the value of inspiration in life. I worked with North American First Nation people for ten years and they too taught me so much about inspiration and love. And then it dawned on me that in our careers or business life, when the love goes out, the light goes out and inspiration dies.

Since then, I have dedicated my life to helping people. To helping people keep that light alive inside their heart. To keeping it alive at work, at home and in the silence of alone. I’d love to say that this light is the most commercially profitable path, but I’d be lying, and I promised myself I wouldn’t do that. It’s profitable but more importantly, it’s beautiful.

Not everything will go the way you expect in life. Not everyone will be kind or generous, or fun or understanding, but that’s no excuse for ourselves not to be those things. What I share is a way of staying inspired no matter what happens. It’s a way of being inspired in both the good times and the bad, a way of keeping your head above water so you can be there for others in a special way, your way.

The Inspiration I share is grounded in nature. It is a sense of earth connection that seems to simplify and clarify your direction. A way of being that: gives you courage to bring the best of you to whatever you do, enables you to have the freedom to wonder and explore life ceaselessly, tell the story of your life in the tone of the true miracle it is, to live and love without regret, to be honest with yourself and others, to do the unexpected and deal with the aftermath, to be obsessed with intensity in everything you do and therefore put your heart and soul into it.