truth is realityDeep down, there is no depression or grief or frustration. There is no gratitude, happiness and ambition. Layers below the surface of what we’ve become accustomed to, emotions, beliefs, ideas and things, there’s this other power, sometimes called freedom, sometimes grace, sometimes love. But whatever it’s called, it’s truth. You’ve got to want it badly enough. You need to be uncomfortable, disturbed by something, ruffled by a disruption. Then, I can help you, unravel the packaging and find it. 


Everybody claims that their watch tells the right time. So its truth just another myth that sold thousands of books? What if truth is not what you want to hear? What if the truth you hear today is different than the truth you hear tomorrow?

There are moments when you know truth. Have you ever been walking down the street and all of a sudden time slows down? You find yourself in a magnificent place? In this space there is no time there is no place. You see it when people place a ring on each other’s finger at a wedding ceremony. Just in that moment they look into each other’s eyes and forget the audience. That’s true. You see  it in a mother’s eyes when her baby is put to her chest for the first time. She forgets the room, the pain, everything. That’s truth.

When I take people to the Himalayas and they are walking along a path and suddenly they see the full Vista of the panorama of Nepal Himalayas, they stop and fall silent. Some say it’s awe,  some call it bewilderment, I call it truth. In truth there is silence.

In city life there is a lot of noise. 99% of it comes from our mind. Our mind rattles louder than the buses trains and cars that compete for our space. Our mind rattles and screams louder than the television sets, iPods and nightclubs we attend.  It is not the noise outside of our head that causes us to lose consciousness. It is the noise inside our mind.

To find truth one must quieten the noise. Whenever there is trouble in a person’s life they seek this quiet place inside their head but they cannot find it easily because they are not used to the habit. the art of finding truth is to practice between performances. Don’t wait until you need it. Practice daily, practice hourly. In my book Sacred Love, which you can download free, you will find that I mention falling in love 1000 times every day. This is practising between performances.

If you are swimming practice falling in love with the feel of the water. If you are writing a blog practice falling in love with the writing. You will know that you’ve fallen in love because time and space, just like at the marriage ceremony, the baby birthing, or the Himalayan Vista, will disappear you will be at one with the object of your love. There is no “I” in love.