Nature’s Universal Laws Applied

Thousands of years of wisdom distilled through 35 years of trial and error.

Nature’s universal laws help to handle stress better, deal with aggravation better, plan and stay on track better, solve problems faster, inspire yourself deeper, make changes sticky, help others more, be self-reliant, self motivated, fulfilled. All this, and more through nature’s universal laws, biophilia applied, thousands of years of wisdom distilled.

People are different in nature. More inspiring, more creative, more open minded, more generous and surprisingly more healthy. But how do you bring that unique connection we have back into all aspects of our urban lives, at work and at home.

Biophilia is ancient wisdom. Currently it’s going through a revival in academic circles because it works where corporate training, thought leadership and coaching fails. Biophilia is the science of the human connection with nature.

It can be applied in business, family and personal life.

Here is an article by one of the world’s leading firms in the-economics-of-biophilia_terrapin-bright-green-2012e