Body – right weight, stay healthy

It’s hard to do good if you don’t feel good.

So, nature’s universal laws help you balance the equation between appetite, exercise, peace of mind, youthfulness and wellbeing.

It starts with three of nature’s laws: balanced, centred and calm.

With this disposition, fluid can drop away, body fat reduce, diet automatically becomes easier.

What creates the body, heals the body, let nature’s universal laws be your guide.

The three most common weight putting on causes:

  1. Sugar
  2. Sugars
  3. More sugars


All carbohydrates are sugar. All fruit is sugar. All packaged products with health food labels have sugar. Honey is sugar. Sugar is sugar. Vegetables are sugar. Even protein is sugar. Sugar is everywhere. Alcohol is sugar.


Not all sugars are going to make you fat. Alcohol makes you fat. Soft drinks make you fat. Chocolate and sweets make you fat. Flour and corn starch (bread, pasta, etc) Packets of sweets make you fat. Sports drinks make you fat. The only difference between one sugar and another sugar is the speed of digestion and assimilation. Fast sugar, those things that are sweet assimilate quickly, make you obese. Slow sugars fuel you.

More Sugars

Potato (starch), Sugar, Alcohol, Fruit, sweets, chocolate, bread, pasta, cakes, biscuits, soda drinks, chai with honey, buns, ice cream make you very fat because the sugar is super fast digesting. There is no such thing as a “healthy version” of any of these products so, no self delusion please.


Depressions, some medications, sitting too long, eating after sunset, dairy, anger can all be attributed to causing a person to retain fluid and get fat. Another is not drinking enough water with lemon or apple cider vinegar in it.