Your human spirit, your true nature, your heart and soul are joyful, fulfilled, happy and enthusiastic for life.

Without nature the mirror is gone and we can struggle to connect with this essence within ourselves.

People are different in nature, but how do you bring that beautiful connection to urban life, to offices, to busy traffic, to relationships and families, to careers and hospitals?

Nature’s universal laws are the freedom keys to bring this independence, self sufficiency and connection anywhere you go, hence, you are always in nature, irrespective of what’s going on around you.


  1. Did you walk barefoot on the earth today?
  2. Did you look to the sky and say thank you today?
  3. Did you find a connection to nature today?
  4. Did you feel, see, smell, taste and hear one thing in nature today
  5. Did you thank “god” you’re alive today?