Back On Track – Total Human Awareness

BOT GRaphics.002It’s very easy for a person to get involved in life change and focus on solving problems or pain relief. This means that they would focus on one or two areas of life that are giving them stress. What I recommend in your heart and soul development is to recognise that there are many interconnected elements in personal awareness, simple opportunities for improvement, that can work hand-in-hand to create who you are in the world. The key to understanding the mastery of human development is to avoid the idea of cherry picking, which in essence is pain relief that solves problems but doesn’t deal with permanent solutions.

In 1992 I studied in the US with some amazing teachers whose accomplishments date back in history to embrace a broader more profound understanding of the human condition. By integrating their teachings with the universal laws of nature in the work of science in understanding the human condition I came up with a seven point strategy planned for human development which is holistic and therefore sustainable. It works something like this:

Step one. It’s very hard to move forward if we are hanging on to the past. Sometimes there are emotional triggers, anchor points, that keep us attached to the past even though we say we want to make change and move into the future. These attachments are purely emotional but they are deeply embedded in our subconscious mind. For example we may have a religious belief set or a promise, based on something that happened in our past, that keeps us in repetitive patterns. In order to move forward we must let go of the past and for this process I have created what I call the discard process. The discard process is a daily simple exercise that helps us involve out thinking, but, in times of challenge or during the 30 day challenge, we embrace this process and a far deeper level because there is an accumulation of history that we need to release in order to move forward in a sustainable way. On a day by day basis this process is simply the process of gratitude. Not gratitude for what we like but gratitude for something we don’t like. In order to achieve that we apply the law of balance and recognise that for everything bad there is a good and we can be thankful for that good.

Step two.  those of us who use our mind on a daily basis at a very high intellectual level can sometimes become this connected from our body. I have made a life commitment to maintain a strong connection to my body and therefore the Earth and I find this very important. The reason that I bring this up as step to is that the body is known to contain memory. Muscular reaction and nervous system reaction to certain circumstances are triggered without conscious thought. Therefore our body accumulates toxin, it has a memory, and it can if allowed, keep a stuck in repetitive patterns of the past.  therefore no human development process is complete without a strong emphasis on a change of diet, detoxification, yoga, exercise and cardiovascular improvement. All too often, the focus of human development, especially in the corporate environment is intellectual and emotional and does not engage the physical memory nor the cellular aspect of the body. So this point is where we completely make a commitment to a higher standard of health as measured on many variables which include: body weight, stamina, libido, posture, strength and nerve relaxation.

Step three. The single most underestimated element of human development is the environment. Because the environment is the affirmation that causes the mind to repeat its belief system. The environment we are currently in is reflective of the mind state we are currently in.  but what are we talking about when we talk about environment? Its obvious that it  includes the external factors of office, home and space. What is not so obvious is that it includes clothing, underwear, shoes, jewellery, and other things on a very personal nature. Is my assertion that I can change a person’s behaviour by changing their environment. But I wouldn’t try to change the spatial factors before I changed the clothing. I believe the brand we are reflects us to other people and we get treated very much based on how we look. You might say this is a sad reality but it is the reality. Not only do others treated differently based on our appearance but we treat ourselves differently. When I do and ordered on an organisation, business, home I’m looking for environmental factors that are anchoring behaviour. These are the more conspicuous things that have energy and can easily be changed. But clothing is where the real opportunity lies for a shift. I admit that changing clothing or space alone does not create sustainable change but in combination  with discard and cellular change it produces anchoring in a new and more inspired space

Step four.  mind determines the intellectual property IP on which we base our value in the material world. So our emotions and vision fluctuate around this sense of IP, commonly called our self-worth. If we constantly work on low priorities, we are implying that our self-worth is low and we attract calamity, disasters and humbling circumstances in order to stop us from depreciating our life.   so in step four we are overtly developing an understanding of our values set, our priorities, our assets and therefore our opportunities. The only person in the world who needs to understand this is ourselves because nobody treats us better or worse and we treat ourselves. Our net worth is determined by our self-worth on a sustainable basis. Those with high self-worth are not afraid of losing their net worth. Those of low self-worth are constantly afraid of losing their net worth. When we have low self-worth we build our worth based on our material assets and of course all things in the material world our impermanent and therefore cause insecurity.

Step five. Vision is a prediction of the future. A vision is not a wish list. A wish list does not have certainty because it’s filled with hope. A vision, which is a picture of the future in the minds eye,  is as clear as today’s reality even though it has not yet come into reality. The surprising thing about a vision quest is that it is all about money. No vision can manifest without the wealth to cause it. and so very often when individual rights they vision they write down what they would love to have but they forget to write down why and how much this will cost and where that money will come from. And so a vision quest is the pinnacle of any human development process because it put in context all the development that is taking place focused on target or an outcome that is worthy of a struggle for the individual who is doing it.  When the why is big enough to hows take care of themselves. The why,  the reason for doing it, the intent behind it, the inspiration that drives it, the integrity that we put into doing something must include the reality that without the wealth to do it it will not happen. So all vision quests lead to a financial plan. If we do not include the financial model of how we are going to cause our vision to manifest we are simply acting on fantasy and hoping for the law of probability to be on our side. So this fifth step is broken into three components: what would I love to be in the future? What would I love to do in the future? What would I love to have in the future? And then what’s it going to cost and how will I pay for it?

Step six. The modern science of neurolinguistic programming, NLP, neuroplasticity and other sciences like it have discovered the brain is more like plasticine then it is like a concrete block. Therefore the brain can adapt to circumstances. Recently, as a result of a severe accident a patient lost part of their brain matter and therefore a significant amount of functionality in their life. But by retraining the muscular structure of the body the brain centre that was missing was taken up by other brain centres and the person was able to engage in activity in spite of the fact that the brain area that controls that activity was missing. Its not a miracle. Simply the brain is plastic and can adapt and we are on a very very front edge of that new science. But for thousands of years yogis and great masters have known that the ability to insert placebo ideas into mind will cause behaviour and results to change markedly. So the final step in the process of human development when a shift is taking place is to reinsert a whole new dialogue in the mind that is reflective of where a person is going rather than where they’ve been. At first it feels like we are lying to ourselves in the new dialogue but eventually the lie becomes reality. This reinvention of our internal dialogue is a very powerful and necessary part Of human development. It has received bad press in the past because it has been used in isolation. Just because we reprogram the brain doesn’t mean we’re going to get change unless there is discard, cellular change, environmental change, self-worth improvement, vision associated with it.