Bringing the Benefits of Being in Nature Back Home

Here am I sitting on a park bench writing a book. Back in my office I have a very large screen computer and all the facilities that would make it look like heaven on earth. That is if I didn’t know the benefit of working in nature.

Biophilia is the science of human performance as it relates to nature. Most of our offices are as far away from nature as we can possibly get them. It seems as if our corporate meme is that as long as people cannot connect with nature we can get the best out of them.

This was true about 50 years ago when the primary function of most people in offices was hand-to-hand combat with numbers pencils and paper. But now the competitive demand on human beings is creativity, communication, clarity, innovation and inspiration. These elements are best achieved with a human being in connection with nature.

Here’s a white paper that does a better job of explaining what I do than I can… I bring Biophilia to offices, individuals and communities through bringing nature, a great way of thinking, to urban life.