Do What You Love at Work … Turning up Inspired

IMG_1433To have an inspired day, don’t clutter your hours with so much “busi-ness” and unimportant things that you have no time to “be in love” and “live with love”.

This applies to play as well as work. A day merely survived, with money as the only reward, is no cause for celebration.

We can so easily fall into the world of live to work rather than work to live. Time can rush by; we are so busy getting ready to enjoy life that we are too tired to take advantage of it. To manage our life for the benefit of love we must start the day in a humble realisation that, in the stillness of the first hour, we are lucky to simply be, alive.

The key to this simple start to the day is to go to sleep with that exact same thought. “thank God I’m alive.”

To achieve that level of closure on a day just past is a really serious step forward toward the next. Never fall asleep with unfinished business, anger or frustration, anxiety or depression in your heart. There is no need. There are many simple process to close the day with love and gratitude.

If you need help with this, come down to Bondi or give me a call to arrange a 30 minute – outdoor – phone call or coaching session.