Life Balance using the Walker Power Hour

Chris Walker ConsultingLife Balance is a crucial thing. The cost of life being out of balance is unmeasurable in both financial and personal terms.

The key, the big key, to life balance is to start the day balanced. Then turn up at work balanced. Then Balance yourself when you get home.

I have created a power hour. 30 minutes morning and night to achieve balance in all seven areas of life.

The power hour starts in the morning and ends at night. At first it may take an hour but by the time 30 days of practice have passed it may only take 30 minutes total. So the power hour takes half an hour.

On your first visit I will show you how to do this routine. Then you can practice it every morning and night. It is life changing.

Morning practice:

  1. Wake inspired (8 hrs sleep)
  2. Thank god for being alive
  3. Yoga stretch (salute)
  4. Walkachi
  5. Affirmations (flowers)
  6. Visions – up – across – down
  7. Burst
  8. Corpse
  9. Direct energy to your whole client base – love
  10. Protein shake
  11. Herbs and supplements (fish oil etc
  1. That’s 20 – 30 min

The art of going deeper in shorter time is what we are practicing and doing classes for.

Day end:

  1. Have I exercised my love to sport
  2. Have I stopped in nature and felt the love and connection in my soul?
  3. Have I done an emotional shower on the day gone?
  4. Have I recalled the day with gratitude for each hour/ event.
  5. Have I loved my family and told them?
  6. Have I thanked god I am alive ?
  7. Do I feel complete – fulfilled ?
  8. Have I mapped tomorrow with links to my purpose and vision before sleep?
  9. Have I evolved one single judgement to love?

This is 20 min

Other Ideas for the Day

  1. Stand tall
  2. Emotional Shower at every emotion
  3. Big Breakfast
  4. Medium Lunch
  5. Give thanks for small mercies
  6. Visualise your vision (love to list)
  7. Do your affirmations
  8. GIVE

Evening Ideas

  1. No food after 6.00pm
  2. Turn up at home
  3. Do a Thank You Review of the day
  4. Prepare an Inspired Tomorrow
  5. Before sleep count your blessings
  6. Digital detox from 8.00pm – bed by 9.00pm
  7. Visualise your visions before sleep (corpse pose)